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  1. J

    smoke shack????

    have never done business with this e-tailer and didn't see any reference to them in the bob "bbb" forum they appear to stock an item i can't find elsewhere (arango pipe cleaning spray); this item has apparently been discontinued because the contract manufacturer of the spray for arango went out...
  2. J

    falcon vs alco universal pipes

    i have smoked and enjoyed my falcon pipes over the past few years. i recently came across a u.k. on-line supplier of alco pipes and, twitching with severe pad, was curious about the smoking characteristics of alco vs my falcons. anyone here who has experience with both and who could offer...
  3. J

    imp meerschaum pipes

    i purchased several from meerfan (imp's ebay site) and found the pipes of excellent quality and fairly priced. looking to spend some christmas money on another meerschaum and found meerfan's ebay shop EMPTY. anyone know what happened to him and his pipe store?? thanks! jr/john
  4. J

    tobacco storage containers

    my local walmart (which may or may not be representative of others) has reduced its range of glass storage containers, especially the wire bail tops i particularly like. i found an on-line source (from which i have NOT yet ordered, but looks interesting) of a huge range of containers suitable...
  5. J

    lane's 1q vs bca vs rlp-6

    well, before spending $25+ to buy a small amount of each, i thought i'd ask those of you who have smoked all three which do you prefer? looking for comparisons of depth of taste (all seem to be, roughly speaking, vanilla-flavored), sweetness, lack of bite, lack of goopiness, tendency to heavily...
  6. J

    butz-choquin GOURD calabash

    thinking of adding one to my meer collection. on-line they're going for ~$175-200, compared to ~$300+ for a baki gourd. anyone here have experience with the b-c gourds. quality, durability, smokeability? comparisons to other gourd calabashes (baki, andreas bauer or whatever) would be useful...
  7. J

    inverness capes

    anyone own an inverness cape, made of wool (not the waterproof versions)? how do you like it and where did you buy it? thanks, john
  8. J

    am i the only one...

    who has found that virginias, especially those without perique, burleys and/or kentuckys, are damned finicky smokes? viginia flakes even more so, in my admittedly limited experience, viriginias are inconsistent....packing, puffing, pipe choice are always wild cards.i have smoked the same...
  9. J

    non-flake "straight" virginias

    well, here goes. for lots of reasons (arthritic fingers, general codginess, whatever) i've backed off flake virginias. i'm looking for straight (no perique, burley or whatever) viriginias in broken flake, shag cut, or other non-flake presentation i like old gowrie, for instance. lots of good...