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  1. Natch

    Why I don't glow any more

    We cut these logs yesterday for future firewood. The large sweet gum trunk had been lying on the ground in the shade for a year, and I de-barked the slices to dry out faster. That evening, very dark from a low moon phase, I went for a walk in my woods and Eureka! Bitter Oyster (panellus...
  2. Natch

    Advice for the Virginia Beach/Chesapeake area?

    We are heading towards this area to help our daughter move from Augusta GA to Chesapeake VA. Her husband is in the Navy and is being assigned to the Little Creek base, but he's been sent for advanced training so he can't help with the move. Any suggestions on restaurants, regional food...
  3. Natch

    PCCA Jazz?

    I found an old tin of this tobacco, but I can't seem to find any info or reviews of it? Does anyone know what the components are? Natch
  4. Natch

    Pipe For Sale Aged Bulk and Tins for Sale

    Sorry for the "Pipe For Sale" prefix, it wouldn't let me post this without choosing one of the four options, and there is no tobacco for sale as an option. But if you are looking for tobacco, please read on! All bulk has been sealed in Mason jars, and they have not been opened since the date...
  5. Natch

    Hermit Tobacco Works Holiday Blend 2010?

    Has anyone had this tobacco? Tobacco Reviews has covered a couple of the early years (2000-06) and they're mostly Virginia or VaPers. But they don't cover any since 2006 and just wondering what this year's Holiday Blend might be. We used to see a lot of Capt. Earl's blends in the Milwaukee...
  6. Natch

    Damn near lost my nose!

    I've been opening a lot of Mason jars with aged tobacco recently. I've always enjoyed that whoosh of fragrance when they're first opened after a decade or more and often hold my nose close to the lid as I open it. This past week I've had one that had enough pressure to bounce the lid off the...
  7. Natch

    Would you let your 3 year old kid get on his truck?

    Going through the process of digitizing a lot of old family photos and came across this one. Back in the early '50s, like many urban areas, we had daily milk delivery. Golden Gurnsey was a major dairy in the Milwaukee area and my parents would let me walk to the end of the block and I'd "help"...
  8. Natch

    Aged Virginias' to "sell" COMPLETED

    $110.82 and a phone call McClelland #2015, Virginia Flake, 4 oz sealed on 11/2010 McClelland # 2035, Dark Navy Flake, 7 oz sealed on 11/2010 2 - C&D Opening Night, 2 oz. 2009 (both tins bulging out) Fribourg & Treyer Golden Mixture, 50g 2009 Escudo Navy De Luxe, 50g 2006 Hamborger...
  9. Natch

    Digging through my tobacco larder and...HoCheMunga!

    Does anyone out there remember Levin Tobaccos? A 1988 tin of his Virginia Woods was hiding in the bottom of a box. Notice how they don't just stamp the date on the bottom of the can, but personalize the labels for each month's production. Then I stumble upon 9 soup cans I purchased from the...
  10. Natch

    finally going on a honeymoon and need advice

    When my beautiful bride and I were married (1989), I had a job at Ball State U. that started in just a few days, so I tried to convince her that Muncie, IN is the honeymoon capital of the Midwest. Ball State was a great place to work, but if you've ever been to Muncie, you know that it is not...
  11. Natch

    OK, who's the wise guy that thought I should be bombed?

    Come on, youse guys, who's da culprit? Here I've been AWOL for the most of the past few years, and you think I'm deserving of anything more than scorn and ridicule? Oh, I get it, a guilt trip...well, it worked. I feel honored to be bombed (and guilty for not being as active as in the past), and...
  12. Natch

    another winter storm rolls through

    and as expected, the locals go nuts!  Three flakes fall from the sky, and everyone's at WaleyWorld buying eggs, bread, and toilet paper.  When I first moved here, I couldn't understand why these were the top three "emergency" items, (well, other than cases of beer at the liquor store which are...
  13. Natch

    What is the traditional Christmas dish you grew up with?

    I find one of the strongest cultural connections we keep is the foods we eat, specifically during holidays.  Many of us are several generations removed from our ancestors migration to what we now call home and we've lost most of those cultural markers, (language, dress, music, etc.).  But if we...
  14. Natch

    My kinda street musicians

    Best coin ever spent. Natch
  15. Natch

    A few fine days in the woods

    Last week was our spring break, so I gathered up all my friends and went packing solo in the Ozarks. My bedroom: My living-room: My bathtub: And my girlfriend came to visit, (let's not tell my wife, OK?) Natch
  16. Natch

    Suggestion: We need an annual humor award

    Friends, allow me to suggest an annual humor award for BoB. We all see threads, or individual comments in threads, that cause us to blow coffee through our nose all over the keyboard, right? Couldn't we have some sort of award for the funniest of the year? Here's my suggestion, and this is...
  17. Natch

    How I smoke during cold weather

    Like many of you, I can't (actually don't want to) smoke in the house. Fortunately, I live in the Mid-South so the climate is generally warm enough to sit on the porch or at one of the fire pits I have around the yard. But for the few months of winter (or what they call winter in Arkansas...
  18. Natch

    What's in these Pease limited ed. blends?

    As part of a very generous gift I just received, there are tins of G. L. Pease Balrog Blend, Arrakis Spice, and Childhoods End. I know they're limited editions, but I can't seem to find what these blends are composed of. Any one know? Natch
  19. Natch

    Delta has a new pre-flight video with a pipe smoker?

    Just took Delta to a meeting over in Phoenix, and instead of the usual pre-flight demo given by the attendants on how to buckle your seat belt or use the oxygen masks, it's now on a video that plays on the screens throughout the plane. It was rather new and somewhat cleaver, but about two...
  20. Natch

    Well, there goes my promise to not buy any more tobacco!

    A while back I calculated how much tobacco I smoke in a year and how long I think I'll live, and I have well over double what I will ever smoke in my life (not that I'm rich and loaded with high-end tobacco mind you, but rather that I'm old and plan to expire in the not too distant future :lol...