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  1. tslots

    Prayers and good thoughts requested

    I've been wrestling with posting this as I generally don't air my personal laundry in public. And although I'm not very religious, I do think the power of prayer and positive energy does help those in need. So I'm asking for a bit of both on behalf on my mom. She's had a rough time this...
  2. tslots

    Another good snuff vendor The selection is not as good as Mr Snuff, but the prices are a bit better overall. Shipping costs are about 22% less too. I priced my order through both sites: Mr Snuff: $76.73 + 34.48 shipping = $111.21 $69.14 + 26.81 shipping/handling = $95.95 Ordered from...
  3. tslots

    Video on the Poschl company

    It's a basic marketing video, but still has some interesting stuff.     Their production floor is immaculately clean. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" loading="lazy" allowfullscreen ></iframe>
  4. tslots

    And now for something completely different

    Snuff toothpaste.   :?:
  5. tslots

    Hey you die hard Perique lovers

    Your man cave would not be complete without this:
  6. tslots

    Mr Snuff website

    Please be aware that the Mr Snuff website has undergone a major revision today and will likely be a bit wonky for a few days until they work out the kinks.   I've reported some formatting and non-working link issues. One major positive is that they are adding a reward points system.   Not sure...
  7. tslots

    So what is it about snuff?

    I've never smoked cigarettes. I've enjoyed cigars and pipes for 15+ years, but not more than one a day (and usually less often). My tolerance for nicotine is somewhat low. However, since trying snuff a couple months ago, I'm now enjoying this 3-4 times per day.   My smoking frequency has...
  8. tslots

    "Similar Topics" section at the bottom of threads

    Not sure why I never really noticed this section before.   Definitely noticed it today while looking at the "What are you smoking?" thread and found this reference link at the top: rihanna chillin smoking her kush.....high grade marijuana so tweet!     :shock: I clicked as I've not seen this...
  9. tslots

    Tebow Round #4

    Do you think he makes the Eagles team? If nothing else he's got a passion for the game that many seem to lack. (Some only want glory and/or a big paycheck.) Perhaps Kelly can be more creative in using his talents.
  10. tslots

    Kryptonite blend

    I was never really into the "shipwrecked on an island" or "if you could only smoke one blend" type of questions.   Having easy access to and preferring to consume a wide variety has spoiled me too much to try and narrow anything down to a single favorite.    Some people can ... I cannot. As an...
  11. tslots

    Snuff vs. pipe smoking

    After rediscovering (nasal) snuff this year and finally learning to enjoy it, I've found that my frequency of pipe smoking has gone way down. I was never a heavy smoker anyway - averaging perhaps 5 bowls per week. But for the past month I've only smoked a few bowls. You?
  12. tslots

    RIP Leonard Nimoy

    See you in the next life Mr. Spock. RIP
  13. tslots

    So based on the number of daily What are you smoking? posts

    Does anyone care to venture a guess on how many pounds of tobacco that JimInks turns to dottle every year?
  14. tslots

    Definitely not for clinching

    Massive Cavicchi Gigantic GBD Unless you have jaws of steel ... Does anyone smoke these behemoths? Or do they just sit on the mantle as a nice display of carved + polished briar?
  15. tslots

    Anyone smoked a pipe made from ...

    Chicken Wing Wood?? "My tobacco is tender and juicy with hints of 11 secret herbs and spices" Also, there's definitely something lost in translation on those Special Instructions ...
  16. tslots

    Castello band question

    Someone offered a Sea Rock 35 in trade for one of my pipes, but I noticed it had a thin metal band on the shank. I was of the opinion that this was probably a repair, but the current owner was not sure. After seeing a picture of Greg Pease's Shape 355, I'm wondering if this is a factory...
  17. tslots

    Increasing pipe size

    Seems to me that the size of pipes has increased significantly over the past 80 years. I've seen and purchased quite a few older pipes (from the 1920's - 1960's) and the vast majority were much smaller. I'd say an average size was around a Group 2 or 3. There were bigger ones around, but...
  18. tslots


    Opinions? This brand seems to have almost zero press in the past 5 years or so ... even less here on BoB.