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  1. Greasystring

    Two new MM cobs

    I picked up 'The Emerald' and 'The Rory' a few weeks ago and finally got around to doing my normal cob setup. With these I decided to try CaneRodPiper's "pipe mortar" recipe instead of ash-made pipe mud. I've redone a few cob repairs, replacing the mud with mortar, these are the first new pipes...
  2. Greasystring

    My Country Gentlewarden

    I recently made a forever stem order, grabbing several stems and a few of the gold ferrules that fit the filtered models. This pretty much hit the picture I had in my head, I'm very pleased.
  3. Greasystring

    DIY cake press for storage

    I made a quick press from a 2x4, two 6" c-clamps and a scrap board. Besides the novelty of pressing your own cakes I discovered a greater benefit, space efficient long term storage. This setup can do 16oz, though I've only been pressing 1/2 pound cakes for ease of use down the road. I figure I...
  4. Greasystring

    Mars landing

    Small samples received from Mars.
  5. Greasystring

    Christmas in almost February.

    I placed this order on 12/12 and it just arrived today. So much goodness.
  6. Greasystring

    Greetings from the Right Coast

    I was a member of Club Stogie back in the day (then it was bought out and became A long time cigar hound that dabbled with the pipe on and off through the years, I've gone full pipe these last few months. Greetings to all bobs. , Greasy