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  1. mgtarheel

    Spectre Cigars with Latakia

    Trisha's Cafe - Pipe Tobacco, E-Cig liquids, Cigars. This is Mark's website.
  2. mgtarheel

    Spectre Cigars with Latakia

    Mark Ryan of D & R has cigars with perique in them. Very good medium strength cigars. check out his website.
  3. mgtarheel

    Appraisal and Selling Help

    If you are trying to sell all your pipes at one time contact Steve Fallon aka Pipestud. He can help you.
  4. mgtarheel

    New RDPipes Smooth Bent Egg (8/4/20) SOLD!

    Ron, that is a beautiful pipe!
  5. mgtarheel

    Edwards pipes

    I have about 20 and about half of them were made in France. Great smokers BTW
  6. mgtarheel

    Broken Pipe - Michael Hudon

    Don't know if this is posted anywhere else, but Michael Hudon aka "Monbla256" passed away on 3/31. He was a great guy and i will miss him.
  7. mgtarheel

    happy birthday, BriarBeagle

    Happy Belated Birthday Loren!
  8. mgtarheel

    Just a quick hey

    Trying hard to find meat and toilet paper in my corner of NC
  9. mgtarheel

    Happy birthday, Ozark Wizard!

    Happy Birthday, Bob. BE SAFE!
  10. mgtarheel

    Hey mgtarheel...Happy Birthday!

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Mike
  11. mgtarheel

    Back under the knife.

    Ozzie, sorry to hear about your problems. I hope that the surgery helps your back. Hang in there and I am sending prayers your way to aid in a speedy recovery. Mike
  12. mgtarheel

    Couple of new items to try

    If you like the orange try Rattray's Exotic Orange.  I think they might have changed the name to Exotic Passion.
  13. mgtarheel

    Time to bring the heat! August bombing mission

    Ordinance Detonated 1. C&D Bayou Morning 8 oz 2. One MM Corn Cob Pipe 3. One CD by Rande Reed "Reflections and Fantasies" 4. A homemade plug by Geoff - VaPer 100g 5. Two packs of pipe cleaners 6. GH American Peach 2 oz 7. Sutliff 507C VA. Slices 4 oz 8. Sutliff 515 RC-1 4 oz 9. C&D Bayou...
  14. mgtarheel

    Time to bring the heat! August bombing mission

    So far, I have 12 boxes. Sorry but I do not take pictures, no smart phone and no camera. It will take me a couple of days , but I will list what I received. And thanks again.
  15. mgtarheel

    Time to bring the heat! August bombing mission

    AMAZING! It's 2:30am and I just walked into my house from my much shorten vacation. I was forced to evacuate from Oak Island, NC because of Dorian. I was down in the dumps to say the least but when I saw all the bombs that had landed on my table my spirits were lifted. I want to thank...
  16. mgtarheel

    Ozark Wizard

    Great guy to deal with. Thanks Bob!
  17. mgtarheel

    The Country Squire - Rivendell

    If you like straight Virginias then Green Dragon is outstanding.
  18. mgtarheel

    Another end of an era?

    OW, use this link
  19. mgtarheel

    Another end of an era?

    OW, which blends are affected?