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  1. Hermit

    The Booster

    I got the Moderna, so I'll wait 'til Moderna boosters are available. (Got my geezer dose flu shot today.)
  2. Hermit

    Happy to find a small forum

    Welcome to BoB from soggy South Louisiana.
  3. Hermit

    New member selling dad's pipe tobacco

    You might wanna contact You're right; a lot of that is quite valuable.
  4. Hermit

    Volcanos in Iceland - WOW!

    Ten Thousand tons a day.
  5. Hermit

    Epic Icelandic Volcano Vid

    I've been watching it for a couple of months now. I keep a second computer on the live feed all the time. Often it takes a break, and it's often too foggy to see, but when it gets going it's quite a show. It's day 112 and so far it has put out over ninety-three million cubic meters of lava...
  6. Hermit

    My Observations on the Subject of the P'Lip

    I have one...only one.
  7. Hermit

    What movie are you watching?

    Not a movie, but I'm watching the volcano in Iceland. There's a couple of live feeds on YouTube. I have a couple of computers going, so I keep one on the volcano. It's now on Day 81 and had spewed out over sixty million cubic meters of magma so far at about twelve cubic meters per second...
  8. Hermit

    The FDA has started the process of banning menthol flavoring in cigarettes.

    I haven't had a cigarette in over forty-two years, but when I did, I smoked Kools. This is another useless "Just do something" restriction of our rights. I guess I would look for an overseas vendor if I still had a thing for menthol.
  9. Hermit

    Good-bye Toro Recycler

    I wouldda put it out at the street . Some industrious fellow prolly wouldda picked it up and fixed it. ;)
  10. Hermit

    Daughters & Ryan Sells Majority Stake

    I got to visit the Home of Perique a few years ago when Drew Estates held a "Barnsmoker" event there. (I'm only about a half hour drive from Convent.)
  11. Hermit

    Selling your McClelland's?

    I have quite a bit that I will eventually sell. (Dunhill, too.) My conundrum is that I'd be ashamed to sell it for what it's worth. ;) I suppose I'll send to Pipe Stud or 4noggins consignment. If it were a favorite, I'd keep it, but I'd trade it all for Hamborger Veermaster.
  12. Hermit

    How was your weather today?

    Now that all the tropical plants are dead, it's eighty degrees.
  13. Hermit

    A Remote Chance to Get CV19 Vaccinated

    I got my second Moderna shot yesterday (a week late due to weather.) My arm was slightly more sore than the first one. I felt a little crappy in the afternoon and felt a lot crappy later. Body aches and chills. I don't think I had a fever, but the shot site sure did. It was 102 this...
  14. Hermit

    How was your weather today?

    I have a big Oak Tree near my driveway. It's needed trimming for a while. Branches were hanging low over the driveway. Today, the ice laden branches were hangin' really low. I don't normally do yard work when it's 26 degrees, but I took advantage of the branches coming down to me instead of...
  15. Hermit

    How was your weather today?

    We had mid-seventies last week. Tomorrow night's low will be sixteen. (I guess the wind changed. :D )
  16. Hermit

    Super Bowl Feb. 7, 2021

    I always start watching a game about an hour after it starts and fast forward through anything that isn't football. I was all in for the old man. As a Saints fan, I can go back to hating the Bucs next season. :D
  17. Hermit

    Caution: Quite A Sophisticated Scam

    I don't answer the phone. :D
  18. Hermit

    A Remote Chance to Get CV19 Vaccinated

    I got my first Moderna shot today.
  19. Hermit

    What A Day!

    I found out about that "pop" last January. (Great start to 2020.) I got my lawn tractor stuck in soft ground and foolishly tried to push it out. It was a really stupid move. I've never had any back problems before that. It took several weeks to feel better and now I have back pain when I do...