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  1. Ol'Dawg

    Favorite HOT Sauce?

    Your first post you said 1st was Tabasco and the last was Crystal about your sale. The last one for Tabasco I never liked the taste like half rotten. I have tried a lot of hot sauce, but I always back to Crystal. For the Scoville heat units for popular hot sauces you can find
  2. Ol'Dawg

    Favorite HOT Sauce?

    At our groceries have a price of $1.35 to $1.49. Where you get a price at Amazon? Tabasco was fermented because it taste like half rotten not at Crystal nor Petes.
  3. Ol'Dawg

    Mo Pitney

    Watching RFD-TV on Larry's Country Diner last night. Mo Pitney was a really nice voice and guitar.
  4. Ol'Dawg

    When is it time?

    We understand the pain you are having now. We have to put them down had a Brittany, two Labs, two Setters, a Dachshund, a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon and another Dachshund 16.5 years that we will go to have to be put down soon. Keep up you chins and look for a better dog soon.
  5. Ol'Dawg

    Malpass Brothers

    Great retro country music!
  6. Ol'Dawg

    What movie are you watching?

    Yellowstone all 1,2,3 series and 4 the 1st and 2nd looking at 3rd.
  7. Ol'Dawg

    What's been your most favorite pipe so far?

    My favorite pipe is a Peter Heeschen black sand blast a long bent shank p-shaped. It is a great smoker plus when I saw him at Richmond CORPS ( Not at TAPS) show 15 years ago and had a great conversation, joking BS, etc. I had spent my allowance but he had gave a tin of Briar Fox when I can...
  8. Ol'Dawg

    2021 Hunting & Fishing Pics

    Yum yum! My favorite wild meat to eat.
  9. Ol'Dawg

    2021 Hunting & Fishing Pics

    The CZ shotguns are really nice! I bought a CZ grouse in 28 gauge side by side and really like to shoot even better than my 20 gauge Winchester over and over.
  10. Ol'Dawg

    2021 Hunting & Fishing Pics

    4.8 lb. Rainbow caught on ultralite spinning 2lb test. I also enjoy fly fishing with my Orvis 5wt. fine and far.
  11. Ol'Dawg

    How do you all take your coffee?

    Medium Columbia with milk or half and half. Dark roast I have to put on sugar to reduce the bitterness and a little of salt.
  12. Ol'Dawg

    2021 Hunting & Fishing Pics

    Happy hog!
  13. Ol'Dawg

    Peterson recommendation?

    I guess I am an old dumb butt, I can't find the way to give a "pm" just only to find a "conversation"
  14. Ol'Dawg

    Peterson recommendation?

    If you would to buy a ligtly smoked on a Pete Rosslare classic smooth 999, I have a deal for you. If you are interested, tell me.
  15. Ol'Dawg

    Pipe cleaner advice

    When I used the BJ Long 6.5 tapered (with 90% alcohol) for most pipes but I have a few for BJ Long regular when I have a tight stem. I have some Zen and other cheapies but they don't work very well.
  16. Ol'Dawg

    Cowboy poetry

    After finding music and history at YouTube, I found a number cowboy poetry section. My favorite is Waddle Mitchell called "The bra". He has a lot of other ones too.
  17. Ol'Dawg

    Knife sharpers

    Many thanks for finding a thread! I had searching but not enough.
  18. Ol'Dawg

    Knife sharpers

    For a long time, I have used different types to sharp knives but I never really liked them. What is your favorite?
  19. Ol'Dawg

    55 Yrs Ago

    Fantastic! Good job of both of you!
  20. Ol'Dawg

    Anyone having other problem with Pipes and Cigars?

    On Dec. 26, 2020 I ordered a new pipe and some 9mm filters, but there website it showed it was shipped but USPS was still in pre-shipment today, 1/7/2021. I have called two days but put on hold for over 10 minutes and then I hung up. I also sent three emails this week asking about my order but...