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  1. mgtarheel

    Broken Pipe - Michael Hudon

    Don't know if this is posted anywhere else, but Michael Hudon aka "Monbla256" passed away on 3/31. He was a great guy and i will miss him.
  2. mgtarheel

    Need a little help

    Brothers, I have a vintage Edwards pipe in need of a complete restoration including having a new stem made. I need some suggestions on who to do the job. Thanks
  3. mgtarheel

    Edwards Pipes

    Just picked up two old Edwards pipes Algerian Briar and oil cured. These two pipes are great smokers even better than some of my higher dollar pipes. OBTW one pipe cost $39 and the other cost $26. Does the Algerian briar make that much difference or is it the oil curing, maybe both? Your...
  4. mgtarheel

    Will Be Missed

    Cracked open a 6 year old tin of McClelland 3 Oaks Syrian. What a fantastic smoke. It will be missed.
  5. mgtarheel

    P & C Shipping

    Ordered some tobacco Thursday night from them and still has not shipped out yet. Anyone else having problems getting their orders from them? :x
  6. mgtarheel


    Looking for something different in a bowtie or hat.  Look at this AMAZING! BTW I have no connection to this company.
  7. mgtarheel

    Steven Books

    Anyone know what is going on at The House of Calabash? Saw on his website that he is not accepting any new orders now.
  8. mgtarheel

    Our Best Blend

    Anyone having trouble getting your order from Smoker's Haven? Ordered mine a week ago still has not shipped. Wonder what is going on, Know they can't be a week behind in shipping.
  9. mgtarheel


    I see that our old friend, Kyle Weiss is writing tobacco reviews for Congrats, Kyle! I know that you will do a great job.
  10. mgtarheel

    Pipe Keystones

    Was looking on 4Noggins website today and saw Nording has a product called Pipe Keystones. They are supposed to absorb excess moisture in the bowl. Anyone used them? If so, how well do they work?
  11. mgtarheel

    Opinions Wanted

    Anyone own a Jan Pietenpauw pipe, what do you think about it? Opinions wanted too.
  12. mgtarheel

    Stem Question

    What is the best way to remove small scratches on the stem?
  13. mgtarheel

    Quality Control

    I want to pose a question to you: Do we (as consumers) expect that the online retailers of pipes should conduct some kind of quality control on the pipes that they put up for sale or should we conduct the quality control on the pipe after it is purchased and is sent to us? I recently had this...
  14. mgtarheel

    Tobacco Turnaround

    Ordered some tobacco from HU Tobacco back in Oct. German customs turned the package around and sent it back to HU because they thought they were paint cans. HU sent the package out again and US customs sent it back to HU for god knows what reason. What the heck is going on? HU is going to...
  15. mgtarheel

    Dunhill Birth Year Pipe

    I have been looking for a 1951 pipe for about 4 years and I can't seen to locate one. I have seen plenty of 1950s and 1952s but no 1951. Is there something in the Dunhill history that makes this difficult? Did they not make many that year or did they stamp them with 50 and 52 stamps? If...
  16. mgtarheel

    Low Pipe Prices

    Any one heard of this pipe brand? Road Town Pipes, Found them on this website. Low enough prices if the quality is there.
  17. mgtarheel

    TAPS Pipe Show

    For those in and around North Carolina, the TAPS Pipe Show will be this Saturday (4/11) in Raleigh at the State Fairgrounds from 9 - 4:30 in the Gov. James G. Martin Building. Come if you can.
  18. mgtarheel

    Need a little Help

    I have an Askwith nosewarmer that has developed a hairline crack where the stem inserts into the mortise. Any advise on how to repair it? The stem is a little loose and the crack is 1/2 inch long.
  19. mgtarheel

    d4klutz (John)

    Did a sale with John this past week. He was prompt with his payment. Excellent person to do business with. Great BoB member.
  20. mgtarheel

    Happy 35th, Kyle

    Hope you have a good day today. Mike