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  1. DGErwin11


    It's quite entertaining for some of us. When we owned a tavern my wife and I got hooked on pinball. But the end of the tavern was the end of our pinball days. Or so we thought. As her disease increasingly limited her physical activities, I searched for something she could do and enjoy. I...
  2. DGErwin11

    Not hiding

    Many of you know me from a competing forum, and I have no desire to hide my identity. Not sure how much time I'll be able to be here. But it will be nice to not have to be as restrained as I do over there. Though I am not a pudding stirrer by any means. Pass the Carter Hall and a cob.
  3. DGErwin11

    The Official BoB 2016 Pipe of the Year thread.

    I think it would be pretty rough engraving a cob bowl.
  4. DGErwin11

    Noir Madness

    "The Dark Corner". Lucille Ball was so much more than "I Love Lucy".
  5. DGErwin11

    All Day Smoke?

    Some of us take it a step farther by smoking the same blend all day, every day. Screw the "rules".
  6. DGErwin11

    Artisan, or Pipemaker?

    I am a pipe maker. Some days I look at a pipe I've made and say,"Damn, I might be a craftsman after all." But what I am not is an artisan. Any definition devised by man is by nature arbitrary. To my mind, an artisan must at bare minimum hand cut his or her stems. Of course it should go without...
  7. DGErwin11

    Cord Cutting, the Final Step

    8 years ago I cancelled my satellite service and cable is not an option where I live. I relied on HuluPlus, NetFlix, and Amazon Prime for my serious TV addiction. But I was soon blowing past my 150 Gig limit on ATT DSL and paying overage fees every month. I finally got serious about setting up...
  8. DGErwin11

    Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP)

    2 years go I looked into getting my internet from an outfit near here that distributed it wirelessly, rather than run wire into your house. At that time it was cost prohibitive, Around $200/month for the bandwidth I use with Hutu and NetFlix. But they now have an "Unlimited" plan. The first 150...
  9. DGErwin11

    A change in shaving practice

    Also the soap saves mega $. You can pick up a puck of William's or Colgate for not much more than a buck and it will last for months. And do a great job.
  10. DGErwin11

    A change in shaving practice

    But think of all the $ saved on blades.
  11. DGErwin11

    Classic billiards

    A Savinelli Oscar Lucite 114 KS A BST A Kaywoodie Relief Grain, no stinger.
  12. DGErwin11


    The owner decided to pick a fight with the feds. Rather than complying with existing law, they chose to ignore a provision. Then they very publicly got in the fed's face. The feds were not amused. If a law is stupid, we need to elect people who will protect all of our liberties and freedoms...
  13. DGErwin11


    And don't forget guilt free naps.
  14. DGErwin11


    I have been retired a little over 3 years. Some random thoughts: You already know just about all you need to know to survive. Now you learn things because they interest you. If you are not extravagant and want to ski in Vail and winter in the Bahamas, it costs less to live than you think. You...
  15. DGErwin11

    What are you smoking?

    Chatham Manor in a FrankenFalcon. Sipping on strong black Red Diamond Arabica coffee.
  16. DGErwin11

    What watch are you wearing today ?

    I'm retired. What's a watch? :cheers:
  17. DGErwin11

    FrankenFalcon or FalconStein

    Currently smoking Classic Burley Kake. I have three 8 oz tins on hand. After them I have 3 tubs of Chatham Manor. One of them will be my all day, ever day smoke. I am notorious for being a one blend old fart. I am deciding which will replace the discontinued Angler's Dream.
  18. DGErwin11

    FrankenFalcon or FalconStein

    At the risk of alienating Falcon fans, the larger bowl makes it seem more like a real pipe.
  19. DGErwin11

    FrankenFalcon or FalconStein

    The bowl that came with my Falcon is too dang small. I fixed that. Chamber is 7/8'' X 1 3/4''.