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  1. Blackhorse

    Favorite HOT Sauce?

    I think we’re done this before. Maybe just as a subset on a different thread. But since I’ll be seriously diving back into the kitchen over the holidays I thought it would be fun to showcase the holiday hot stuff more specifically. The hit sauces I have mostly used: 1. Tobasco, 2. Cholula...
  2. Blackhorse


    Just clicked on a live feed (11/18) of the Aurora Borealis. Apparently we’re in the path of a huge solar flare…the Aurora is incredible. Lots of colors, lots of movement. For the flat earth folks and sped up significantly. Stunningly incredible.
  3. Blackhorse

    A Lump!

    Long story short…my wife found a lump in her breast during a self exam & went to her doctor the next day. Her doctor confirmed that there was a lump and scheduled “immediate diagnostic imaging”. She told me that evening. I pretty much freaked out…in a quiet yet intense way. She went up to a...
  4. Blackhorse

    Pipe Making Vid - Former

  5. Blackhorse

    Halloween Light Show - WOW!

    Take one bored NASA engineer and a huge budget at Home Depot and voila! (The Christmas ones are even better.)
  6. Blackhorse

    Post a PHOTO of your favorite Halloween ale…etc.

    Post a PHOTO of your favorite Halloween ale…etc. I have two to share. Dark Horse Ale (from Dark Horse in MI) and Dead Guy Ale (bottled by Rogue in Oregon)
  7. Blackhorse

    It’s National Drink Beer Day!

  8. Blackhorse

    Einstein’s pipes up on auction! Don’t miss it!

    Got $20K to $30K laying around burning a hole? The smoking pipes of Albert Einstein are up on auction. Personally, they look like junk…but if they make you smarter (?) maybe. The story…Albert Einstein’s tobacco pipe collection up for auction with bids over $20K
  9. Blackhorse

    Don Everly RIP

    A significantly talenred and successful musician who made life more beautiful for a generation of fans.
  10. Blackhorse

    22 LR Ammunition

    Been digging around looking and actually finding some 22 LR Ammunition…so have restocked the armory with mostly tried & true and some new (to me) and unique items. Here’s my Summer AAD list: CCI Mini Mag 40 gr RN (100 rounds X 5) 500 CCI Varmint Stangers 32 gr CPHP (100 rounds X 5) 500...
  11. Blackhorse

    Beware…”Black Taffy”.

    In keeping with our general policy of waving any and all sinful things under your eager noses…I present for your indulgence…”BLACK TAFFY” made by Primrose Candy Co. If you don’t like salt water taffy, you’re safe. If you DO like taffy…DANGER WILL ROBINSON, My best description would be that...
  12. Blackhorse

    New SSD external drive for my tablet.

    So, in case you missed my whoops and shouts of joy, I very recently replaced my 6 y.o. 11” iPad Air 2 with 32 GB of storage with a gleaming silver 2021 11” M1 iPad PRO with 128 GB. And though I never ran out of space on the old one I’m pretty sure I would on the new one. So off to Google I go to...
  13. Blackhorse

    2020/2021 Tokyo Olympics

    Any favorite sports/players/moments? Any surprise likes? Please list complaints and/or bitches elsewhere. I will erase any negative commentary with no explanations.
  14. Blackhorse

    A new iPad.

    Oooooo. Splurged on a new 2021 Apple iPad Pro. Just got here today. Very excited. Whole new learning curve. If anyone out there has experience with a similar tablet let me know? I might have questions. (Keeping in mind I now use a 5 year old iPad Air 2…so the OS is the same…14.7 as of...
  15. Blackhorse

    Volcanos in Iceland - WOW!

    Man…ya gotta love drones. There is drone footage in just about every action movie out there any more. And check out the footage of the Geldingadalir Volcano in Iceland. Pretty sure I noticed Golem going ass over teacups off the rim somewhere in the footage.
  16. Blackhorse

    Epic Icelandic Volcano Vid

    If you’ve ever wondered how volcanos are built…here’s some incredible footage for your viewing astonishment. I love drone videos. Always amazed at the resolution and incredible potential, both of which are showcased here. When watching this keep the scale in mind. This is not a small cone...
  17. Blackhorse

    Sheep’s Head in Iceland

    OK…better sit down for this one. I was watching a vid on YouTube about the big volcano going off (really epic lava footage) and it kind of merged into a travel thing. It focused on a streetside fast food type place with two big signs up high for all to see. “Hot Dogs with mustard & fries”...
  18. Blackhorse

    Two new uber level Soy Sauces

    Two new purchases of uber level Soy Sauce. 1. Ohsawa Nama Shoyu, Organic and Aged in 150 Year Cedar Kegs for Extra Flavor - Japanese Soy Sauce. 32 fl oz. Nama Shoyu is known as Golden Tamari because of its beautiful honey color. Its fruity aroma and slightly sweet salty-yet-delicate flavor...
  19. Blackhorse

    I love French Toast

    I love French Toast. But I’m really really picky. I make mine with Grand Central Como bread. The Como is a signature Italian-style hearth bread! Named one of the country’s best artisan loaves by Saveur magazine, Como has a golden crust and chewy interior. Perfect for sandwiches, toast and...
  20. Blackhorse

    Hot Sauce

    Hot Sauce…Frank’s?