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  1. gravel


    Truly excellent news and I’m glad to read it!
  2. gravel

    Happy Birthday Blackhorse

    Someone dared bomb you? Should I drop some off at your door? Ha! Happy birthday!
  3. gravel

    Hello from Austin Texas

    Welcome Nooner! Glad you stockpiled those McCrainie’s blends. I was a fan of those myself, and with the end of McClelland a lot of favorites are no longer available. See ya around whenever you post!
  4. gravel

    W. White Pipe

    I’ll preface this by saying I’m not an expert. I’m just a guy who has been in this hobby for 20ish years and I’ve read a fair amount. There isn’t much of any monetary value for a discarded fragment of clay pipe, even one from the late 19th century. I think there may be some historical value to...
  5. gravel

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    When I think of this blend I always think of JimInks!
  6. gravel

    When is it time?

    Oh man Ranger, it sure is hard to lose a pet. They just have a way of lodging themselves into our hearts. She looks like an absolute gem. You’ve given her a wonderful life, took care of her when she was sick, and made the best decision for her (and you) when it was clear she wouldn’t recover. I...
  7. gravel

    First TAD Outbreak in Years

    I found BRM to be tasty, but picky as to which pipe I smoke it in. I have one that it absolutely sings in. When I first used it, I was astonished that I could actually taste cherry. The tobacco is of high quality too. Hobbits Weed’s reputation is well deserved. I get more than cherry with that one.
  8. gravel

    My collection as of today

    Those look like Petersons. The bent with military stem (removable even when warm) looks like one of their system pipes. I bet it’s a p-lip too. The straight looks like their take on the venerable billiard shape.
  9. gravel

    Hello from Oklahoma

    Welcome to the board. I used to live in Oklahoma in the early 1980s when I was a kid. Moving from California, I found the snow fun. When we moved back to California, people thought my brother and I were from the south because we had picked up an accent! Those look like fun selections! I don’t...
  10. gravel

    Mail call

    Flakes are delightfully dense and that twist is good stuff, especially with a little age… if you can wait!
  11. gravel

    Today’s tobacco delivery

    I really enjoyed the sample of Carolina Red Flake with Perique. I hope your choices provide a wonderful experience for you.
  12. gravel

    My cooler weather choices

    When wood smoke is on the air, I like to reach for the limited amount of latakia I own. Two days ago it was Lancer’s Slices from 2012 and it was quite delicious. I turn my nose up on lat most seasons, bit not as cool weather hits.
  13. gravel

    My cooler weather choices

    Stonehaven? Terrible stuff. I’ll send you an address to send it to for proper disposal. My experience with it is limited. I’ve bought three bags, two for brothers as gifts, and one for myself. It’s delicious but requires some drying before smoking. I wish I could tell you what method worked the...
  14. gravel

    What are you snuffing?

    I miss the Old Mill offerings. The owner, a former chef, really enjoyed putting together a menu every month.
  15. gravel


    I’m not particularly bothered by it. Instead Im amazed at what people say. There is a guy in our neighborhood who would go on walks and loud talk using his speakerphone. We heard about embarrassing medical issues, legal trouble, and marital strife. Acquiring a Bluetooth headset brought relief to...
  16. gravel

    Reintroducing myself...

    Welcome back!
  17. gravel

    Why Are There No Match Blends for Esoterica ?

    Technically you never could sell tobacco, but eBay allowed the sale of collectible tins. That loophole has been closed and the tins offered for sell now are truly collectible and empty.
  18. gravel

    Hello everyone!

    There were a few rabble rousers, but the board was populated with polite, helpful, and generous folk. Welcome back!
  19. gravel

    First TAD Outbreak in Years

    Heck if I received it Monday, I would’ve thought it was reasonable considering it shipped from the east coast to the west coast.
  20. gravel

    First TAD Outbreak in Years

    That wasn’t my experience. It’s wasn’t Amazon, but that shouldn’t be the standard of what is mostly a one person shop. I ordered Sunday night, the order shipped Wednesday, I received it via USPS Saturday.