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  1. GuitarMyFriend

    At it again...

    Lucked out guys! I received two 100g tins this afternoon... it’s getting transferred to a jar today (with a Couple BIG bowls left out for enjoyment) and pushed to the very back of my cellar! (The 50g tin was already in my possession). Here’s this afternoons smoke; (Forgive the “filter”. My...
  2. GuitarMyFriend

    My cellar and questions

    Heya! Thought I’d post a picture of my cellar while hopefully getting some opinions and questions answered. So I thought I was doing everything right in taking my tins of exactly the same, (or close to) ages, popping them open and jarring them. I use quart wide mouth jars and can fit roughly...
  3. GuitarMyFriend

    A great TAD week

    Earlier this week a co-worker stopped at a shop where she was at for a day trip and scored me a tin of Orlik DSK, and a 8oz. bag of Esoterica Peacehaven! Now just today my wife, daughter and I took a drive and I scored; (3) tins of Dunhill Dark Flake (3) tins of Dunhill Durbar (1) tin of...
  4. GuitarMyFriend

    Need Advice!

    Hey Gents, I put out an add looking to trade for some McClelland's Blackwoods Flake, offering a couple tins and an ounce or two of my Dunbar. A gentleman offered me an opened tin of 1996 Blackwoods Flake that he opened and took one bowl from for a couple ounces of Dunbar. He said it's been...
  5. GuitarMyFriend

    New Addition!

    Hey Brothers! Been a long time since I've checked in! Hope you all are well! I've got some GREAT NEWS! We have been BLESSED by the GRACE of GOD, with a beautiful baby girl. Born on January 30th at 6:33 am, allow me to introduce you to my perfect little darling; Eleanore Silas. She...
  6. GuitarMyFriend

    Good News!

    Hey Fellas! I've got just a little bit of good news... YUP!!! I'M GONNA BE A POPS!!! Some of you are keen as to the struggle that it has been for my wife and I to get to this point, but for those who aren't we've been trying for three and a half years and have been going to a Fertility...
  7. GuitarMyFriend


    My wife went to a class for work, that she found out was right next to a tobacconist that I like. After her class she went in and brought me back 8oz. Of PS Navy Flake, a tin of Dunhill 3 Year Matured Virginia, and 2oz. Of 14 year old PS Navy Flake which I’m smoking right now! Incredible! She...
  8. GuitarMyFriend

    Help! (Again)

    So, While pulling apart pipes to soak stems today this happened... It was pretty stuck so I have it a bit of a twist and the stem just slid right off. Then I had to pull the tenon out of the pipe, which was super stuck. I’m assuming it will be fine if I just superglue the sucker back into the...
  9. GuitarMyFriend


    I just opened a 8oz bag of Blackpool and this is what I’m met with... It smells OK to me, but I’ve never seen this. Is it like some extreme plume? It is all white and sparkly which makes be believe it’s plume, but D*mn... that’s a lot! And it’s completely throughout the whole lot of it. I...
  10. GuitarMyFriend


    So... How the heck does one come across anything by J.F. Germain/Esoterica? I’ve never seen it in any Tobacconist/shop I’ve been to. Is it strictly something you fellas order online? Is there a dark alley that I’m supposed to go to meet a shady looking man with a Penzance-lined trench coat? Is...
  11. GuitarMyFriend

    Buffing pads

    HEY! I’m working on getting all of my pipes in tip-top shape because my wife asked me to hang my 3 tier (36 pipe) pipe rack on the wall. I am going through, cleaning and buffing all of them. Some of them are getting more of a deep clean. You all know how quickly buffing pads get filthy. And I...
  12. GuitarMyFriend

    Prayers for Thistleoak

    Hey Fellas Alex went into surgery this morning, and I thought I'd let you brothers know. So send him Prayers for a speedy recovery. He didn't say much about what it was just something about Kidney Bean Soup... LOL! I'll let him tell you when he's out and about! Zach
  13. GuitarMyFriend

    Does anyone else Hammock Camp in the Winter?

    Last night I tried my winter setup for the first time. I expected to be chilly, but this setup outperformed my expectations! (This is by no means a lightweight setup, more like a base camp/day hike list). This test was done beside my house just in case it got too cold. Here's my gear list...
  14. GuitarMyFriend

    Dumb Idea?

    Hey guys! I've heard of and seen some guys vacuum sealing bulk tobaccos, but for long term storage I was wondering if that'd be a good idea for tinned tobaccos, just as an added layer of protection. Any thoughts? Has anyone done this with success? (Is vacuum sealing bulk tobacco a good idea...
  15. GuitarMyFriend

    Stanwell Restoration

    I've been partially restoring pipes for a while now, but I've never been too serious about it. Lately though, it's just really been intriguing me. (Especially seeing all of Riff Raff's posts). So I bought a really dirty Stanwell, that actually needed a ton more help than I thought. This is the...
  16. GuitarMyFriend

    Christmas came early!!!

    Went and picked my pipes and tobaccos out of storage today!!! Never been more excited! It's like Christmas!!! Smoking some Dunhill out of my Peterson Kapet B32 to celebrate being able to smoke out of a briar pipe again!!! Pictures to follow!
  17. GuitarMyFriend

    Well Hey!

    Hey Fellas! A good buddy of mine told me I should jump back in to the BoB (Thanks Alex), also my wife suggested it... Yes, My WIFE! We've been very happily married for just over two years now. Enjoying every second of it! Work has been the same, still working in the Sterile Processing...
  18. GuitarMyFriend

    The Art Of Shaving

    Anyone use their soaps? I walked into one of their stores in a mall, and bought some very needed Merkur razors. I saw their shaving soaps and creams, and asked about them. A very friendly man with a very funny little mustache showed me the lather and how to get a good lather even though I told...
  19. GuitarMyFriend

    Heya Fellas!

    Man-o-man, what a year. Where to start... I got a new Job, I work as a Central Service Technician in the surgery department at the local hospital here now, and that about takes up all my time. Great Job, but Good Lord the things I get to see daily make me tremble, and turn green. Better pay, and...
  20. GuitarMyFriend

    Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro

    Anyone have one? I know this hammock has a lot of opportunity for modification, and the reviews are high, but I hold you guys in higher regards than some ebay reviewer.