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    I was talking with a buddy of mine who has smoked pipes for decades, I was telling him about a dilemma I am having... my wife asked me to switch to filtered pipes! I own many pipes,mostly Peterson`s which do not have a filter. He told me to insert a pipe cleaner in the shank of the pipe and it...
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    Coffee pot ?

    I work in the food service industry and have for years. Last week we had a large catering event,after all the food was cooked and served , we began cleaning up.I was giving the waitstaff a hand by cleaning out of the large coffee urns... The chef came and asked me what I was doing... He then...
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    Peterson Watson pipe?

    I recently purchased a Peterson Lestrade pipe and after the initial break in period,it turned into a fine smoking pipe. I am currently looking at the Dr. Watson pipe. I am seeking opinions from people that own this pipe. Also,I know about past quality control issues! I would like to hear from...
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    Peterson: Tyrone ?

    Has anybody tried the Peterson: Tyrone Pipe?
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    Savinelli-make an offer,so i did!

    Hi, all I was just killing some time on e-bay,looking at some petes,savi`s,came upon a savi 616 estate pipe,make an offer! offer was accepted! LOL! Looks pretty nice,too Obviously needs a good cleaning! one thing I was curious about, seems to have a natural finish? Most of the savi 616 seemed to...
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    new/old pipe guy

    Hello from NY. I was a pipe smoker- 10 or so years ago. I started smoking cigars and put my pipes away. thanks to COVID I lost my job,so I recently dug out my pipes,so now I am back in the game... I recently bought some lane 1Q and BCA. Both of these are ok,but seem a lil heavy to me, I was...