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  1. Searock Fan

    My lucky day!

    There's a site out there you have all heard about. I won't say the name but it's one where you can buy and sell "almost" anything. They do have a rule against tobacco related items though. I seldom look at it but a couple of days ago I was browsing and happened to come on this. Forty two 2oz...
  2. Searock Fan

    The Castello Thread

    Hi, I'm a big Castello fan but I haven't bought a new one in over 20 years. I'm sure a lot of things have changed and I would like to learn more. So, if you have an interesting fact, story, etc. about Castellos please share it here. Thanks
  3. Searock Fan

    Save money on filters...

    I have several Savinelli filter pipes I use to smoke an occasional aromatic. Here's how to save money on the filters. Instead of buying the actual filters. I go on ebay and buy a pack of balsa wood rods in the right size (3/16x1/8"). I cut them to length and that's it. Cost is about 10% the cost...
  4. Searock Fan

    Ebay advice???

    I'm kind of new at buying pipes on the internet and was wondering if any of you have any advise about buying pipes on Ebay? And if you can recommend any other good places.
  5. Searock Fan


    This is an introduction so I'll narcissisticly ramble on about myself. I've been a pipe smoker for over 50 years. My favorites are Castello with a carved or blasted finish. Bought my first Searock in 1963 and still smoke it. Have about 125 pipes in my collection of which about 75 are...