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  1. Buddy Springman

    whew! done with that project

    We just wrapped-up replacing the Unit 1's main turbine down at the local nuke plant where I work. Not the greatest life event, but it consumed me for several months...and it's fun to spend $140M :lol: Hope to be regular here again. Buddy
  2. Buddy Springman

    And she is channelling who...?

    So, as posted here a few days back, I bought five pounds of MB's Burley London Blend. It arrived yesterday. When I got home from work yesterday, my wife said "There's a package on the front porch." and "I bought you something." The delivery was the London Blend. And what she bought...
  3. Buddy Springman

    chamfer tool

    I've quite a few pipes where the tenon really doesn't touch the bottom of the mortise and where the draught hole is not beveled. I found this item and have been reworking my tenons. I wish its point was a bit smaller...
  4. Buddy Springman

    Another great Tinsky from my wife

    Got to love her Christmas gift selections! Buddy
  5. Buddy Springman

    a reasonable TSA crew

    So I'm walking in the security line at South Bend's airport Saturday when I realize my Sheffield pipe knife/poker/tamper is in my carry-on. "That's $16 shot" I say to myself. Nope. They took it out, made comments like "never seen nothing like this before", and eventually called their...
  6. Buddy Springman

    Aged GLP

    Okay, SmokingPipes moves a ton of this stuff ("why" is beyond this post). It's usually "fresh" (tinned within six months or so of your order). But others don't move as much. I just got a tin of '06 Lombard from Mars - purchased because 1) it's in my beloved Fog City collection, and 2) it's on...
  7. Buddy Springman

    Buddy's cellar

    A few photos of my GLP & Lake District collection... Buddy
  8. Buddy Springman

    Buddy's cellar

    Cool, dry basement. 1200 ounces, including a grunch of early GLP and Murray's. The jars are mostly Lake District florals with a few odds & ends, e.g. semois. :sunny: Buddy
  9. Buddy Springman

    Another new guy

    Hi, all! Just found this board this morning...looks interesting. My collection is mostly Mark and Glenn Tinsky. Fav tabaks are GLP and Lake District, but I've a ton of Murray's bought at the time of the First Scare. Buddy