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  1. Aaron

    Oklahoma boy here

    Eh, 15 pipes is a drop in the bucket to some of the guys around here! The point is, ya can never have enough! Welcome to the club! (And remember, my first pipe was a "second" too.)
  2. Aaron

    Fillmore and Haddo's

    So, I finally cracked open a tin of Haddo's from 2007 and what a difference time makes. It just makes me sad that I don't have any more that is that old... I have a feeling this tin wont be around for long. Needless to say it's fantastic. I'm not even sure how to properly explain it.
  3. Aaron

    POLL: Do you smoke cigarettes?

    They were made illegal because of something like them appealing to minors. So Djarum went and made them into filtered "cigars" a little more leaf, a few less smokes per pack and and bigger price tag.
  4. Aaron

    POLL: Do you smoke cigarettes?

    Yep. Marlboro Red shorts, American Spirit regulars, Lucky Strike unfilters, and Fortuna.
  5. Aaron

    Google+ Anyone

    I am on there as well.
  6. Aaron


  7. Aaron

    In praise of Peterson Pipes!

    I have a Peterson Sherlock Holmes, that I purchased from a brother here, that has never let me down.
  8. Aaron

    Smoking in the heat.

    I wont lie. In the summer time I move to cigarettes again.
  9. Aaron

    Pipe luncheon

    Yes, at the first one. At the second I smoked a pipe I was gifted by a brother here and this next Tuesday I plan on smoking the Peterson Sherlock Holmes Original first run.
  10. Aaron

    Pipe luncheon

    Sounds like better company than most folks I know.
  11. Aaron

    Pipe luncheon

    Happy Saturday BoB, and how's everybody? Just thought I'd let everyone know of a little thing me and a few buddies of mine have been doing here recently. Now that the weather is getting better in God's country, a couple of other pipe smokers and myself have started getting together at lunch...
  12. Aaron


    I miss that guy too. :(
  13. Aaron

    Most Important Person in Rock and Roll

    Bob Dylan
  14. Aaron

    Happy B-day Aaron!

    Thanks everyone! I appreciate it. Been a pretty good day so far. Good glasses of wine, good smokes and we got snow here today so that's pretty cool. Overall, one year down and on to the next one!
  15. Aaron

    What Are You Reading?

    The Hiram Key by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas.
  16. Aaron

    Planetary's Aging FAQ

    Oh yes, still at it. Just played at a New Years Eve party last Friday as a mater of fact. Always a good time.
  17. Aaron

    Planetary's Aging FAQ

    Ya talkin' ta me?
  18. Aaron

    Planetary's Aging FAQ

    Been looking for it for a while now. Appears that it is gone. Sad really.
  19. Aaron

    Television and Toddlers

    I don't see anything wrong with it. My boy and I sit and watch an Elmo movie just about nightly, Alex doesn't really care for the stuff I watch so I can have the TV running and he pretty much ignores it until something bright, flashy, or shinny pops up. Other than those times he pretty much just...
  20. Aaron


    I'm really enjoying mine. I got it from gray fox online. Marty Pulver's site has a few that I've seen. Smoking pipes as said before. There's more out there I'm sure.