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  1. J Soshae


    Travel World of Warcraft
  2. J Soshae

    I just can't quit this place

    I agree 100% I normally don't even log in. I just like to check the group each day to observe like minded individuals.
  3. J Soshae

    The chair (very long story) ***PICS ADDED***

    Great story! The best items are the ones that contain memories.
  4. J Soshae

    Going back to Cali.....

    My wife and I spent as much on the rehearsal dinner as the brides family spent on the wedding. Venue, food, live band, & decor. Good thing we only have 2 sons.
  5. J Soshae

    Tobacco Pouch Versatility

    I put the tobacco in short ziplocks before putting them in the pouch. Currently carrying a ziplock of Stonehaven and a ziplock of Frog Morton simultaneously.
  6. J Soshae


    Matt was excellent to deal with. The pipes had been cleaned perfectly and were as represented. The shipping was very quick. When the pipes arrived they were very securely wrapped. I would not hesitate to do another transaction with this brother.
  7. J Soshae

    HO Railroading.

    Tinkering with a real train set looks like fun. If you like trains in a computer environment then don't miss Railroad Tycoon 2. It is only 4.99 on Steam at the moment. This is the best business simulation game I have ever played.
  8. J Soshae

    Best wishes and

    Merry Christmas!
  9. J Soshae

    SPUD 15

    I purchased a lighter from Spud. It was shipped quickly and packaged securely. The lighter is in perfect condition as promised. It was a pleasure to do the transaction with him. (thanks for the Roll Tide, Spud)
  10. J Soshae

    Old Boy Lighter

    I have used the zippo for years and it works well outside. The zippo has recklessly charred the top edge of some pipes and while it excels in a breeze, the wind makes it char even more. I am trying out the Old Boy lighter to see if I can be gentler on the pipes. Before buying the Old Boy from...
  11. J Soshae

    Cob question

    Filter in a cob is great when the tongue has gotten a little sore. I go to a filtered cob when smoking by the pond on a windy day. The filter helps prevent steam burn. The soggy filter is proof it is catching the moisture that could have done damage. FWIW, I seldom throw a treasured tobacco...
  12. J Soshae

    who are we really

    Fellow pipe smokers are so seldom seen in public. This is the place to remind myself that I am not alone. Every time I see a fellow piper, I always tell them about this place. We do have a great thing going here. Even if it is just a hilarious stage show for us lurkers. 8)
  13. J Soshae

    Could this be Blackhorse?

    Good thing he has light colored carpet to conceal all of the pug hair. Our pug is like an exploding fur ball.
  14. J Soshae

    Waskally wabbits

    It is possible to quiet the .22 rifles if you use a low velocity ammo. silencer shop The Ruger 10/22 is a perfect gun for this.
  15. J Soshae

    Waskally wabbits

    You need a good outside cat. Mine would be all over that. Sometimes he leaves us rabbit & chipmunk parts on the front porch.
  16. J Soshae

    Air Pocket Method: An Anecdote

    I find the old palm fill method achieves the same results. This is the way i have done it for years. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" loading="lazy" allowfullscreen ></iframe>
  17. J Soshae

    Twice Bitten?

    I believe most of the tongue bite I experience is steam from getting the bowl to hot. Open ended combustion on the cigar appears to burn drier.
  18. J Soshae

    The end of an era.

    Is this rarer than Sobranie or Penzance now?
  19. J Soshae

    Superbowl food

    Hermit, that is awesome! Now I am hungry.
  20. J Soshae

    Superbowl food

    Got to love Jambalaya. This is how we do it here. Crawfish season is just around the corner!