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  1. Dillon

    Any tips on how to smoke a MacArthur?

    Today I bought a bent MacArthur at a B&M and was wondering if anyone here has experience with MacArthurs and can tell me a little about, ah, how to smoke it? I'm really curious about how I can best pack, relight, and tamp it and clean out the dottle. Thanks in advance!
  2. Dillon

    Hello again

    I've been away for a while and also stopped smoking pipes for most of that time. Now I'm back into it, and feel like being part of the forum again. The last time you heard from me I was an exchange student in Germany--unfortunately that time had to end, and I came back stateside to finish my...
  3. Dillon


    What are everyone's favorite vodkas? (If anyone here drinks it.) And how do you like it? I like Stolichnaya. Drinking it now neat. Good, clean, authentic stuff. :drunken:
  4. Dillon


    This is for the Americans here who ride planes--What kind of trouble have you run into trying to travel (leave the country) with pipes and tobaccos? The TSA website has no real information on tobacco regulation at all. I'll be traveling soon, for the first time out of country (second time in my...
  5. Dillon

    Mixtures that work too well

    The other day I grew a wild hair up my ass and decided to mix two blends, which I rarely do for fear of less-than-stellar outcomes. This one was definitely a success: Penzance and SMMedium. In fact, the more of the former I added the better it turned out. The kind of oily blandness in SMM really...
  6. Dillon

    Having some trouble with Kendal Plug

    I got a sample of this recently, and I'm curious about how the members here prepare their plugs. What I've done is kind of peel thick layers of the chunk I got off and cut them longways with a pocketknife, then cutting into even smaller pieces. I smoked a bit of it after that much preparation...
  7. Dillon

    Recommendations on VA flakes

    Lately I've gotten heavily into gold VA flakes. I really like something with a rich, sweet, grassy flavor, like Hamborger Veermaster or Orlik GS. While there are plenty of good dark VAs and vapers out there, I'm interested mostly in blends similar to the two aforementioned. What do you think is...
  8. Dillon

    Hello to the Brotherhood

    Some of you definitely know me from Smoker's Forums, some others don't and don't want to hear about how they might know me from Smoker's Forums. I quit cigarettes on August 17th and have been smoking a pipe habitually since. I bought my first pipe in a CVS the day after I graduated high school...