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  1. rick

    Bowl and a Half Discovery

    NEVER .....waste the dottle! And as for the discussion(s) regarding dottle"mud", black holes and rocket science, dont know nuttin bout that. I'm just a stupid train dispatcher ! I will need to dig through my Igloodor tho - Think I may have some turn of the century Stonehaven lurking near the...
  2. rick

    Stem Polish

    I use Soft Scrub with bleach and rub rub rubba dub dub by hand, then apply Olive Oil and let dry. After smoking I use a microfiber cloth to clean the stem. 1 side is impregnated with Carnuaba wax, 1 side is not. Clean with the cloth first and then polish it up with the waxy side. Stems stay...
  3. rick

    Dunhill Durbar replacement

    Hi Fatman! Yucaipa is a great place to live. Look me up if you ever visit! I will look into the Rajah. Thanks for the heads-up. :)
  4. rick

    Dunhill Durbar replacement

    Hello Brothers I've just finished a tin from 2002 and had forgotten how delicious the Durbar was. Are there any blends out there today that are close or even similar? Thanks for your replies !
  5. rick

    Rusty Nails

    Here we are again............ Havent been around in awhile but I was looking to swap some baccy and me integrity was questioned (30/30 thang) so thought I'd check in and see if I had missed something. Nope. Good to go. Quick story and then I'll be off: I like to bowl and when I do, I like...
  6. rick

    Drying tobacco

    I like to nuke it....................what can I say?? Im impatient. Pour onto a paper plate and zap it for 10 seconds (can do a couple times if baccy is very wet or a cube cut) Let cool, then smoke.
  7. rick

    G.L. Pease Blackpoint had me at "mole`" :cheers: Thanks for the review !
  8. rick

    not yet......................but I'm still looking for a snuff that will rock my world. Need the Vitamin N, working nights, ya know ??
  9. rick

    List Your Top 5 Jazz Albums of All Time

    Some.................but not enuff props for the trpt players. In no particular order: 1950's Dizzy Gillespie Wynton, of course :roll: Clifford Brown Lee Morgan Leroy Jones and I could go on and on and on..........but. Thats a start, for ya :~)
  10. rick

    Stronger snuff

    ..............................watching intently :face:
  11. rick

    "Sipping" technique discovery

    WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHoooooooa, Nelly ! I'm gonna give this a try and see if my total lameness with flakes improves any. Thanks for the idear :geek:
  12. rick

    What are you drinking?

    Guinness Extra Stout followed by a cuppa fingers of JW black. Chilled, then strained into a bucket
  13. rick

    Wessex Burley Slice

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......... Sounds good but I "hear" they may be hard to deal with :affraid: sorry.......just wanted to stir the pot a bit before beddy-bye
  14. rick

    What are you smoking?

    Really want to post more here but it seems the past few days has seen the same setup: GLP Piccadilly in my RAD sandy squashed tomato I did burn a couple cigars over the weekend; guess I could talk about them La Fontana Vintage corona and a Churchill sized Benchmade (Ashton distributed, made...
  15. rick


    one of the reasons I hang here: Y'all speak the truth ! Tried it several times and still have some in the Igloodor. Its awright........but thats about it.
  16. rick

    What are you smoking?

    Henry Clay Maduro Breva and a Monte No.2 8) ......................yeah, one of those.
  17. rick

    What are you smoking?

    just finished a 601 Black Connecticut torpedo..................early start to celebrate my folks' 50th anniversary. Lagunitas Cappucino Stout to wash it down
  18. rick

    What are you smoking?

    Uhle's PPB in my Tinsky Naked coral Uke-eskimo
  19. rick

    Never pay for a pipe again!

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...... wonder if that was a 4mm bore ???? That was pretty cool....Thx for sharing 8)