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    In the process of my second deal with DoverPipes. I highly recommend him. I thought I had rated him but I don't see it so I give him multiple thumbs up. He even put me in contact with another pipe smoker who is not on this board but purchased a large amount. Dover is a BoB of the highest order>
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    A gentleman of the first order. I have done business with him over several years and have always found him to a man of his word and very easy to do business with. I have sold to him and we have done trades. Highly recommended.
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    Did a couple of transactions with him. First rate. A man of his word.
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    No hesitation to do business with him again. A fine Bob and gentleman. Highly recommended
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    stan41 is a true Bob. He stayed in touch with me through the entire transaction and followed through on everything he told me. I recommend him to anyone and would most certainly do business with him again anytime.
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    Very smooth transaction. A1++ BoB. I can highly recommend him. I would not hesitate to do more transactions with him.
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    Greetings and welcome to all whom I have missed

    I want to say welcome to everyone new to this board since I joined in 2007. I don't review this section often enough and have missed greeting many of our new members. I will try to keep up but there are so many joining it's a difficult task. So here is to all......A warm welcome. :)
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    Peter Heeschen pipes

    I gotta brag a little. I just got two new Peter Heeschen pipes. One is an S grade egg shape and the other is an A grade dublin. As soon as I'm able I'll post some picks of them. I'm a Heeschen fan of the first order. His shapes and the quality of briar are second to none in my opinion and...
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    Anybody know where Mark Chambers (dottleman) is?

    Hi folks. Just registered. Many thanks to TJ and Free Vito for letting me in on this site. Does anyone here know where dottleman is? We had become very good friends over the years he was at KCC but I haven't been able to contact him for about a year now. His site is down and there was no...