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  1. J Soshae

    Launch Day

    Warlords of Draenor released today. Que times are taking 1-2 hours with very laggy servers once in. Blizzard employees and servers are at max capacity. And that is the way you bring in over a Billion dollars per year! Now if the 2,000+ que line on Zul'jin will hurry.......
  2. J Soshae

    They are going after Cigars

    Can someone make a link of this. I am on mobile. Thanks.
  3. J Soshae

    Rewarding Myself

    After cellaring this for 2 years, I figure it is about time. I cut the lawn, I deserve it! .....Any excuse would work at this point. Well, here goes nothing. I hope you all are having a great Saturday!
  4. J Soshae

    Candy Crush

    Working on level 226 and noticed this background.
  5. J Soshae

    Servimg blocked

    Visiting here in Seattle and using the internet access in the hotel. I noticed some pictures not showing in the forums. Getting the error message "This website is blocked by your network operator." Other images are showing just fine so it is specific to Servimg.
  6. J Soshae

    Snowqualmie Beer

    We have made it back to one our favorite places (the Pacific Northwest) and are looking forward to trying some of Brewdude's handiwork. Now we just have to see how to get some back to Alabama. The 10 degree drop in temperature is refreshing also. It looks like we are in for a beautiful day in...
  7. J Soshae

    The world is becoming a better place Posting from my cell phone. I hope the link works.
  8. J Soshae

    Pipe Smoking Health Insurance

    We just signed up for our new insurance policy for this next year. There was an interesting provision for the occasional pipe smoker. Non-smoker classification = 3 or less instances of tobacco use per week Smoker classification = 4 or more instances of tobacco use per week Tobacco used for...
  9. J Soshae

    Pipe that best describes you

    Please post a picture of the pipe that best describes who you are. (You do not have to own it)
  10. J Soshae

    Alabama vs LSU

    Wow! This had to have been the finish of the year. The last minute comebacks are not good for my heart. Roll Tide! :elephant: :elephant: :elephant:
  11. J Soshae

    Patton's New Black & Mild

    So I have had this terrible tin of Danish Black Vanilla for 1 year that I have needed to get rid of. It was terribly goopy last time I opened it. When I opened it yesterday to look at it again it is bone dry and crispy. Yesterday I decided to put a pinch of it with Penzance. I did not use...
  12. J Soshae

    '73 VW Thing

    My 16 year old just got his license. He gets to drive the volkswagon for a year. He will be taking it to school tomorrow. When my older son drove it, he became known on campus for the car. He still needs to smooth out his clutch work, but he should be fine. He has driven a motorcycle to school...
  13. J Soshae

    Smooth vs rusticated

    I understand pipes with perfect grain get a smooth finish in order to show off the briar. That being said, when I look at a shelf of new pipes, I find myself falling for the dark rusticated finishes. I look at a pipe with perfect grain and I have know I should be awestruck. I do own and like...
  14. J Soshae

    Proper enjoyment of Penzance

    It is a cool morning here in Alabama. I have decided to break out the campfire smelling tobacco. After all the snooty reviews of Penzance I have decided to disagree. Penzance always causes me to reminisce about backpacking on the Appalacian and Pinhoti trails. For me Penzance takes me back to...
  15. J Soshae

    Legends of Steam

    So I had a MM Legend in my desk drawer as a spare give-away. I decided to use it myself with some FVF in it. This was my first time to smoke a pipe with a see-through stem. Even though I left the filter in the pipe, there was a good bit of visible moisture that condensed inside the stem. It...
  16. J Soshae

    The Black Keys

    Woot!!! I am buying their albums. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>
  17. J Soshae

    Competition smoking

    Raymond blogs about a smoking competition and his technique.
  18. J Soshae

    Female pipe smokers

    It is surprising to see this many ladies smoking pipes.
  19. J Soshae

    Restoration Blog

    I found this blog post. Nicely detailed with pictures.
  20. J Soshae

    Alabama Compost

    This is how we turn our compost piles.