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  1. Ramon

    Ya know who makes amazing pipes??

    You know, if you stopped buying a $100 pipe a day (like you've been doing for the past 6 months) for a week, you could buy a $700 Roush :D
  2. Ramon

    A 9mm question?

    Aro smokers in Germany use filters to avoid getting drenched in aro juice. The general consensus in Germany is that filter pipes are for people who dont know how to properly (slowly) smoke a pipe.
  3. Ramon

    Cuban pipe tobacco?

    They're one and the same: I took a pic from each side. ;-)
  4. Ramon

    Cuban pipe tobacco?

    Yes, yes, and yes. They used to have the Partagas, but they dont seem to make it anymore. The "La Escepcion de José Gener Picadura granulada media libra" is still being produced and available. As the name's a little long, I call it "Hoyo baccie". * As for the taste, it tastes pretty much...
  5. Ramon

    Bulk options for tinned tobaccos

    Hi, thanks for the reply. Sorry for taking your thread about the McKetchup blends off topic, but I was intrigued about that statement regarding bulk vs tins tobaccos generally speaking. I have not yet often had the chance to test the "same" baccie tins vs bulk version as I usually buy tins and...
  6. Ramon

    Bulk options for tinned tobaccos

    How so? Why would they make a different baccie to sell bulk vs tins? That makes no economic sense whatsoever. :confused:
  7. Ramon

    More Meer Questions

    I would say meers are relatively fragile. Like Mikem pointed out, if you drop it on the kitchen floor, it will probably break. Also, it cn get scratched relatively easily: I had a meer from Baki that I put on one of the transparent holders it came with only to notice later on that the sharp...
  8. Ramon

    Rad Davis isnt being truthful.

    What worries me is not that he doesnt weigh 500 lbs. It's that he doesnt even weigh 100 lbs :D
  9. Ramon

    Wondering about and looking at Meerschaum Pipes.....

    The ones that have a tenon - mortise setup like a briar pipe. Yes: Fikri Baki.
  10. Ramon


    I had a bog oak pipe once that I sent back because it tasted like burned rubber.