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  1. Puffy

    Hello from Pennsylvania

  2. Puffy

    old school - home economics and chemistry classes

    I went to a technical trade high school in Detroit.I took drafting and machine shop..Didn't earn a living in either one.I wanted to learn Spanish.They taught Latin..No Thanks..I wanted to take cooking.Only girls could..I wanted to take typing.Only girls could.Here I am 60 years later pecking...
  3. Puffy

    Yesterday sucked!

    Really Sorry
  4. Puffy

    Hello from Wi

    Welcome Aboard
  5. Puffy

    Look at what I found

    That's Really nice
  6. Puffy

    Evening From NH

    Welcome Aboard
  7. Puffy

    Tonight I May Have Caused A Car Accident

    He brought it on himself.
  8. Puffy

    Hello Again

    I 've been away for a good while..My wife died back in may.I was very depressed for a long time.Nothing seemed main reason for living was gone. I had devoted my life to loving her for 60 years. .With a lot of help from some good friends I'm slowly learning to live without her..I...
  9. Puffy

    Hi From Colorado

  10. Puffy

    Hello from So Cal

    Welcome Aboard
  11. Puffy

    Tax Time

    Many years ago I knew a CPA fella who worked for a large corporation..His job was to figure out ways his company didn't have to pay taxes.
  12. Puffy


    Welcome Aboard
  13. Puffy

    Brigham POTY 2020

    That's a Beauty
  14. Puffy

    Calabash Pipe Rest

    Really Nice
  15. Puffy

    Hi all from Arizona

    Welcome Aboard
  16. Puffy

    It's been a minute or two...

    Welcome Back
  17. Puffy

    Returning to BoB again

    Welcome Back....I remember that name
  18. Puffy

    Broken pipe, Baldo Baldi, R,I,P.

    Very Sorry
  19. Puffy

    Hello from Coastal NC

    Welcome Aboard
  20. Puffy

    Some handmade briars from Ron Smith

    Really Nice