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  1. Puffy

    Hello Again

    I 've been away for a good while..My wife died back in may.I was very depressed for a long time.Nothing seemed main reason for living was gone. I had devoted my life to loving her for 60 years. .With a lot of help from some good friends I'm slowly learning to live without her..I...
  2. Puffy

    I 'm Back

    I've had trouble getting in. I finally figured out how to get some help. Now I'm happy to be back. .It will take me a bit to get used to the new surroundings.
  3. Puffy

    Been Here 10 Years

    I joined this forum 10 years ago today.Actually it had a different name back then.It's still the same great forum though.When I joined the forum it had a bunch of avatars you could pick from.I chose the one I'm still using.I like it and I wouldn't know how change it anyway..I don't post a great...
  4. Puffy

    User Name Changed

    :sunny: NCguy has been changed to Puffy which is what I use every where now.A big Thank You to Brewdude for steering me in the right direction,and a big Thank You to Carlos for doing the work.
  5. Puffy

    Changing User Name

    I joined this forum back when it was known by another name.It was the first forum I joined.Since then I have joined some other forums.In those forums I have a different user name than the one I have here.I would like to use it here if I can do so without losing my avatar and post count and other...
  6. Puffy

    Trashed A Pipe

    I just did something today for only the second time in my life.I threw a pipe in the trash can.It was given to me about 5 years ago.It had a thin spot in the bowl which over time developed a pretty wide vertical split.The sad part is the pipe smoked really good,but I just thought it was beyond...
  7. Puffy

    Still Here

    As you probably know.There's been some really bad weather here in Carolina.Most of the severe stuff was a good ways east of where I live.We got strong winds,and a couple inches of rain,but no real damage in my neck of the woods.If you've never experienced a tornado.Believe me you don't want...
  8. Puffy

    Winter Colds

    It seems that quite often I read a post from someone who has a cold,and can't smoke for about a week.Before I retired and moved back to Carolina I lived in Michigan for fourty years.The last twenty three of those years I smoked pipes.As I remember every one of those winters I had a cold,and...
  9. Puffy

    Cake Question

    I started to do this last nite,and my keyboard quit.I'll try it on this new one today..As a rule I keep just a thin layer of cake in my pipes.Less than is usually recommended.I have one pipe though that seems to smoke better with more cake in it than the rest of my pipes...I'm just wondering..Do...
  10. Puffy

    Late Nite Ramblings

    About thirty years ago it was found that my Thyroid wasn't acting as it as it should.I was told that for the rest of my life I would have to take pills to corect the situation.A side effect of these pills is to give one a dry throat.Because of this I always have something around to drink when I...
  11. Puffy

    Soaring Tobacco Prices ?

    As I said here recently I buy a five pound bag of bulk tobacco each year.It's time for me to order.Today I checked my receipts to see who I've ordered from in past years and what I paid.Then I went online to find the lowest price before I order.Well here's what I found.My favorite bulk tobacco...
  12. Puffy

    Smoking In Parks

    When I was a good bit younger than I am these days my wife and I lived in an area that some folks refered to as down river.That being that we lived a ways down the Detroit river from Detroit.In those days we would sometimes get a bag of burgers,fries, a drink and sit on a park bench along the...
  13. Puffy

    Expensive Bulk

    Once a year I order a five pound bag of bulk tobacco.It now runs about $150.(around two bucks an ounce)This morning my son who's a truck driver called me from Texas.He said..Hey pop I'm in a smoke shop what kind of tobacco do you like I'll bring you some.I gave him my standard answer when I'm...
  14. Puffy

    Fourty Years..Smoking

    As this year comes to a close so does for me fourty years of pipe smoking.That's a lot of time to make mistakes,and I've made my share of them.Part of them were just due to the fact that before the internet not much information was available to me.All I had to go on was what someone in a smoke...
  15. Puffy

    Goofy Weather

    Let me start this by saying that my wife doesn't mind if I smoke in the house as long as it's not that stinky stuff ( Latakia) That I smoke on the front porch.Not now though.All of a sudden it's darn cold here in North Carolina USA .This year summer was hot.We had more days than normal of 90...
  16. Puffy

    The Price Of Tobacco

    I bought my first pipe tobacco back in 1971.Today tobacco costs about four times what it did back then.I guess that's not really all that bad though,if you consider how much some other things have gone up since then.Still each time I have to pay more for tobacco than I did the time before I get...
  17. Puffy

    Pipe Smoking Perfected

    I suppose I shouldn't tell on myself..But..Just in case there's a young pipe smoker reading pipe smoking boards like this one who gets the idea that some day he will have everything perfected..I will soon be smoking pipes for fourty years.I still drop tobacco in my lap when I fill my pipe.When I...
  18. Puffy

    A Dog's World

    Since my dog died about three years ago I've be free to sit in my chair,turn on some music,or the tv a good bit of the time.Until recently that is.My wife saw a puppy and brought it home. It needed a good home she said.She also said that I would love it.Well of course I do.My problem is as soon...
  19. Puffy

    Cigarette Smokers Actions

    First let me say that I believe in honesty.My father drilled it in my head when I was growing up.I believe that society should realize that as a rule pipe smokers do not inhale smoke.Because they aren't honest though we get lumped with cigarette smokers who do inhale.I recently was quoted a cost...
  20. Puffy

    Sparky Anderson

    My wife and I are the guarians of a handicaped boy.His name is Jamie.In 1987 he spent seven weeks in Childrens Hospital in Detroit.The doctors didn't think he would live,but he did.At that time Sparky Anderson was the manager of the Tigers.One day while Jamie was in the hospital Sparky visited...