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  1. SteveMKentucky

    New Master and Commander in the offing?

    Sounds like we may finally have another M&C movie: 'Master and Commander' is finally getting a second movie
  2. SteveMKentucky

    Bengal Slices

    I'd like to hear from anyone who's tried the new Bengal Slices being sold by Pipes and Cigars. I smoked it many years ago and liked it, but like many of our favorite tobaccos, it disappeared. Pipes and Cigars has a nice little video about the tobacco on their website but I'm wondering how the...
  3. SteveMKentucky

    A few of my 'spigot' pipes

    I was doing some general cleaning on some of my pipes and decided to take a picture for some inexplicable reason.  I apparently have a fetish for military 'spigot' pipes.  Here are a few surrounding my venerable Dunhill.  Three Petersons and one Ashton:
  4. SteveMKentucky

    Lost my pup

    I regret to post that the time came to say farewell to my surrogate child and best friend Elli this last week. She's immortalized in my Avatar, laying beside me while I smoke my pipe. She was the sweetest, smartest, most human dog I've ever shared my life with. We knew each other so well we...
  5. SteveMKentucky

    Missing my Blackwood Flake

    I really miss Blackwoods this time of year.  For years it was my favorite winter tobacco. I have a particular pipe that was dedicated to it. It hasn't been smoked since the blend went away.  I do have one can left but just can't bring myself to open it.  Foolish I know but difficult to do...
  6. SteveMKentucky

    Formal venues appropriate for pipe smoking

    As I've recently ordered a "dress pipe" it occured to me that most of the formal venues which at one time allowed smoking no longer do so. The only one I can think of is military 'dining outs' and special ceremonies in which the smoking lamp is lit and scotch (or Bourbon) is broken out. Of...
  7. SteveMKentucky

    New Peterson Ordered.

    I've always had an attraction to the Dunhill dress pipes but just can't bring myself to pay the prices they demand. I found that Peterson offers an alternative dress pipe (black ebony) with a military (spigot) bit, so just bit the bullet tonight and ordered. Now the decision about which of my...
  8. SteveMKentucky

    Another one gone: Tobacco Corner Memphis TN

    I almost didn't post this as it seems a bit depressing to see the old, classic Brick and Mortar tobacco shops close. However, I think it's worth commemorating these places nonetheless. Some years ago I joined the Navy and was stationed in Memphis Tennessee for my initial schools. As a new...
  9. SteveMKentucky

    Missouri Meerschaum Charles Towne Cobbler back in stock

    I read about this pipe on the site somewhere but can't find the original post.  I've been trying to order one for months since seeing the post but they've been out of stock.   I corresponded with the company and they sent me an e-mail today saying that the pipes were back in stock.  Mine's...
  10. SteveMKentucky

    Classic Vauen pipe video

    I remember seeing this video years ago.  I don't believe the opening scene would be allowed today. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" loading="lazy" allowfullscreen ></iframe>
  11. SteveMKentucky

    Is there a forum for trading tobacco

    I was looking for an area on this forum for trading tobacco.  Is there a place here for this or is it outside of the rules for the forum? Edit: Ah, sorry.  Just found that you have to have 30 posts to get to the trading area.  Will endeavor to persevere...
  12. SteveMKentucky

    Hello from Kentucky

    Hello all, New member here. I've been a member on other forums for quite a few years but most of them are defunct. I guess I renewed my interest in 'tobacco trends' when I discovered that McClellan was no more. I've seen a few of my favorite brands go away over the years so it's not a...