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  1. BigCasino

    Life, ups and downs

    Hello everyone, I have missed all of the characters who make up this wonderful community. I have thought a lot about you all in the past year. I hope that the funk I have been in, the last year or so is going away, but I try and take things one day at a time. About a year ago I slipped into a...
  2. BigCasino

    Moderator help please

    I recently changed internet service and I am having trouble trying to change my e-mail address for the notifications, am I looking in the wrong place or is this something I can't do ? Thanks for your help Harry
  3. BigCasino

    Morning Smokes

    Sitting here this AM with my cup of Joe, black of course, and wondering what I should smoke, I normally like to Smoke Germains Plumcake Mixture, but I am out at the moment, so I was wondering other than the obvious EMP, what yoiunz all like to smoke in the AM? They don't necessarily have to be...
  4. BigCasino

    Happy Mother's Day!

    So I called my mom this morning and she answers the phone, I said good morning, were you awake?, and she said "I haven't heard from you for a while what do you want?" but just two weeks ago I was with her and my Dad having family pictures taken...LOL This is why when I introduce her to people I...
  5. BigCasino

    A pipe

    I don't know what to call this a sitter of some sort, I didn't list it for sale yet cause it needs a pipe bag made but I figured I'd show it off Thanks for lookin!
  6. BigCasino

    Pixburgh pipers an'at

    I just wanted to let youinz know that Erik Stokkabye is going to be at Allegheny Smoke works an'at in dahn tahn Blawnox, the eve of May 7th! I think the time was 5 to 7, call dahn'ere and ask Mikey. don't be a jag, get aht yer good shoes, get'yer old lady dressed up in her best bubushka and...
  7. BigCasino

    my wife taking the hounds for a walk

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" frameborder="0" loading="lazy" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  8. BigCasino


    gosh darn it, ever spread out yer next smoke and then forget about it until it's overly dry? I just left my plumcake perched a top the lamp a little longer than necessary! :x  :no: 
  9. BigCasino

    Smokers' Haven's Annual Pipe Makers Show This Sat 3/29

    Columbus Ohio! Come check it out if you can, say hi if you do. going to be a lot of pipe makers there, some bringing pipes for sale! check out all the names of who is attending on the flyer! If you can share this with your pipe clubs, or other forums! Thanks a bunch
  10. BigCasino

    Smokers' Haven's Annual Pipe Makers Show

    Smokers' Haven's Annual Pipe Makers Show If you go Say Hello! Hope to see some of you there.
  11. BigCasino

    I know it's a few days early but....

    enjoyng some EMP in this 2001 St.Paddys Pete
  12. BigCasino

    A prince

    On the pipe makers forum Scottie runs a pipe trade, she sets up the shape and the rules and we all have to listen to her (cause her head locks are painful) and create a pipe, and then there is a random selection on who gets who's pipe. Just thought I would share my entry Algerian Briar...
  13. BigCasino

    Polar vortex

    I guess this cold has claimed a few injuries already
  14. BigCasino

    PS Bulk Turkish

    I was ordering a 24 oz package of bullseye flake and decided I was going to try a few other Ps blends, I have discovered that I like oriental tobaccos so  I saw their Turkish Blend and decided to give it a shot , and I must say what a wonderful surprise it is. It has  a very nice sweet, almost...
  15. BigCasino

    Tobacco Dossier

    Ok years ago I started one of these for cigars, but I soon quit doing this because I found that there weren't a lot of cigars that I didn't like, and as long as I knew what kind of wrapper, and or filler the cigar was I learned to pretty much be able to guess if I would like a particular stick...
  16. BigCasino


    I was just sitting here sipping on some Glenfidditch, and smoking some Penznace, total relaxation, this is quite a bit of a difference from my younger days... So... what are some other folks doin I wondered..  :scratch: 
  17. BigCasino

    ATTN BoB Bombers

    ok I have a question for you mens and ladies, one of you graciously bombed me with a baggie of a shaggy black substance back in July, I really liked it I searched and the only black shag I could find was McClellands 221b series, so I went out bought a tin and unless the stuff I was gifted with...
  18. BigCasino

    B&M Woes

    So I drive an hour to go to a tobacco shop in a mall today cause they have some tins there I don't see at my normal stop, out of the three I went to get the only one that was there was McClellands 221b series Black Shag, so I picked that tin up and some Pipemasters clean & cure pipe sweetener...
  19. BigCasino

    If you thought you like Penzance

    Fresh out of the tin/bag, you should taste it after it has been in the cellar for a while... I jarred this up  last march All I can say is the flavor has mellowed, and has sweetened up a good bit, much more complex pleasing flavor! Glad I jarred this in small jars so the rest can keep aging
  20. BigCasino

    Sunrise pipe

    about half a year or so ago my youngest boy came down when I was cleaning up some estate pipe I bought to resale, and he asked me if he could have one cause he thought it was cool, well he never used tobacco of any sort, so I thought it was odd, but since then I have given him and Edwards that I...