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    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Im smoking some Cornell and Diehl Briar Fox in a Fe.Ro .
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    2021 Hunting & Fishing Pics

    Beautiful bird, gun, and dog! ive got an English setter myself but he’s in his golden years and was never a field dog. Im thinking of getting on the waiting list for a wirehaired griffon but with a 2 year old and another on the way not sure o want to add a puppy to the mix lol.
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    2021 Hunting & Fishing Pics

    No pipe a few missed shots at quail and 1 rabbit.
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    2021 Hunting & Fishing Pics

    We’ve had a lot of rain and I’ve been busy with work. the rain is supposed to lighten up this week. With all the rain, fire restrictions have probably eased. I may bring a pipe with me. I’ve had this picture framed above my gun safe for years.
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    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    I ordered my first couple of tins in about a year. just packed my first bowl of Briar Fox when I started smoking a pipe I fell in love with Latakia. I like it only sparingly now. VA/Bur is as good as it gets. I’m loving this stuff.
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    Why Are There No Match Blends for Esoterica ?

    That must have been what they were doing I feel like I remember getting some penzance there as well.
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    How do you all take your coffee?

    Usually cream, no sugar, More often now oatmilk no sugar, easier on my stomach. occasionally sweet, sometimes black.
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    New pipe

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    SOLD! RDPipes Blasted Elephants Foot w/Tusk Tamper (10/14/21)

    Super cool Thanks for sharing
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    2021 Hunting & Fishing Pics

    Nice, I’ve got a bunny chopped up in the freezer o need to eat.
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    Why Are There No Match Blends for Esoterica ?

    The briar patch in sacramento used to have esoterica blends in bulk. I wonder if they were actually esoterica blends or matches. I bought a couple oz of tilbury there and it was probably my favorite blend of all time. I hardly smoke now, but I would love to have some on hand.
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    Keeping sliver work nice...

    In my opinion, no need for chemicals. The old man at the tobacconist showed me that yo can lick, or otherwise moisten, your finger and dip it in the ashes from your pipe. Use a flannel shirt or paper towel to rub it all around and the silver comes out nice and shiny. I’ve used this technique on...
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    What's Your Normal Wake-Up and Start the Day Time?

    Work days, Around 6:00. days off, 7-8.
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    Cherry (Again)

    Hey, it’s almost Halloween 🎃
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    What Are You Reading?

    I’m working my way (slowly but surely) through A Sand County Almanac and Teaching with Love amd Logic.
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    Cherry (Again)

    I’m a big fan of Cult Blood Red Moon. It’s delicious. I have only had a couple of cherry blends, it’s definitely the most memorable.
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    2021 Hunting & Fishing Pics

    I love the fly fishing pics super green at it and haven’t done it much. I have a 7wt I use to target steelhead but it’s been maybe a year and a half since ive been at it. Definitely caught a lot more little cut throats than big stealhead, but I have landed one on a brown wooly bugger. the 7wt...