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  1. Draagha

    McClelland's Deep Hollow

    Well I'm finally on bowl number three of this stuff after receiving it earlier today. I've smoked this only in my new dublin which has a tall, narrow bowl which works best for me when it comes to VA and light aros. The smoke is a nice white with touches of grey, it stays very cool no matter...
  2. Draagha

    Phantom of The Disco

    I made this track earlier today after watching... wait for it... Phantom of the Opera, with my fiance. Just a little trancy, dance song. I enjoyed making it and I've been dancing around to it since I made it, so I figured I'd share it. Listen to it here. There's some other dance/techno songs...
  3. Draagha

    Happy Birthday Mozjo!

    Hope it's a good one for ya, brother! :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
  4. Draagha

    Affleck the new Batman Not sure how many of you folks already knew that, but it's been blowing up everywhere else. Personally, I LOVED Daredevil, Chasing Amy, Dogma, and Good Will Hunting. And any cameo Affleck has entertains me alot. I totally agree with...
  5. Draagha

    The Weekend Chatterbox

    Since some of you dusty ol' foogies seem to forget to scroll to the end of the page, and some of you youngins too, I am posting this to announce that I am going to try to breath life into that thing. Me and Scotties have discussed it and I will be setting particular nights that I will be on...
  6. Draagha

    The Broken Calabash - A Short Sad Story

    Once upon a time, I suffered from a terrible case of PAD, and bought a rack and 15 pipes. Most of those pipes were awesome, but a few needed some serious work done. Of the bunch, I was particularly found of getting this particular rusticated Calabash. I read in the ebay description that it had...
  7. Draagha

    Probably won't be around as much folks.

    Title says it all. This past month and this month is gonna be a rough one. If my recent family stress hasn't been enough, on top of that money has now become an issue as well. I am a freelance graphic designer and my fiance goes to school for cosmetology. Her late stepdad was a veteran and she...
  8. Draagha

    Not sure where else to ask this...

    Does anyone know if Next Day shipping is the same as Overnight? I.E. If my order ships out at 3, would I receive it the following day? I tried google searching it and asking CI but received no answer. Thanks folks. :oops:
  9. Draagha

    Modded MM Cob Nosewarmer

    I got bored tonight, hanging out at the momNlaws house, there's not much to do beside sit on the porch and smoke. I've grown past my "I want a massive smoking machine" phase and realize that what I enjoy is just a tall, narrow bowl with a short bent stem. Unfortunately I haven't had the money...
  10. Draagha

    Time for a do over.

    Howdy folks, My project for the day was totally redoing the outside of my favorite smoker. I love the way this thing smokes but I wasn't diggin the finish. So I took it upon myself to fix that today. I love rustication but I did not want to ruin the integrity of the pipe too much by digging...
  11. Draagha

    Anyone a fan of reggae?

    The title already asked you. :D I generally am into everything, from classical pieces to extreme death metal. My main go to music is reggae, mainly as it is a constant reminder of my religious view, Rastafari. (If that qualifies this for the rubber room, change it please. This is more so about...
  12. Draagha

    Found this out today.

    Mind blown(Kinda) This maybe isn't new to more experience smokers, but I had no idea that Lane owned pretty much EVERYTHING I enjoy smoking. I guess I shouldn't be that surprised, but I thought they were independent blenders? :scratch...
  13. Draagha

    Ashton Consummate Gentlemen

    Hey folks! I picked up a tin of Ashton Consummate Gentlemen today from my local B&M, and after one bowl I do believe I've found a new favorite. It's got a hint of peppery beef jerky, which I am ADDICTED to, so it was a major plus for me. I'm at the bottom of the bowl as I'm writing this and it...
  14. Draagha

    Sad news today.

    Hello brothers and sisters, Today I found out that my grandfather, who takes care of my grandma who is in the final stages of alzeimer's, has liver cancer. This man is a hero for me, a carpenter his whole life, devout catholic and a caring family man. This is his second bout with cancer and he...
  15. Draagha

    First Pipe Blog Video

    Here it is on the youtubes! Check it out and show me some love please and thanks! Draagha
  16. Draagha

    Cake Resin on outside of bowl...?

    My pipe rack and 12 pipes arrived today, and some of these look great, but one of them has what looks like cake/resin on the outside? It's like it was dropped in mud and left to dry or something... Has anyone ever experienced something like this before? I will post pictures of it later, as I...
  17. Draagha

    First Pipe Staining

    If you hadn't read my post in PAD, I am currently wanting to refurbish old pipes. Well I finally got my Fieblings today so I figured I'd get to it. Here is the pipe before the first stain. I have only applied one coat of black to it now. Later I will sand this down till majority of the black...
  18. Draagha

    Maple(?) Magnum Poker

    My neighbor trimmed his trees today, and I think they are some sort of maple, I'm not sure(until I do figure it out, I am not going to use it), I figured I'd post my progress on here and maybe see if someone can identify the wood. Here is the bowl and the stem/mouthpiece(one straight piece) as...
  19. Draagha

    A Trusted estate site?

    Has anyone ever bought anything from They have several decently priced, and good looking, estates on there but I am uneasy of buying them because the site looks a little run down. Just would like to hear from you guys as to if anyone has had a transaction with them and if it...
  20. Draagha

    Back again with another question

    Hey folks, I'm just wondering if there's a good place to learn some staining, rusticating and finishing techniques. Looking forward to getting into making my own smokable works of art. Draagha