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    Accessories For Sale 4 Batches Left- Now $45.00 Including Pri. Mail Shipping

    NOW-$45.00 per batch including free Priority Mail Shipping! BATCH 6 AND 20 SOLD!!! Batches 6 and 20 still available. 8 and 9 are sold. I have shipped every batch that's been purchased the next day, but since these are so cheap and it's a 25 mile round trip to the Post Office I may wait a day or...
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    Accessories For Sale Remaining Batches all in one place -all $55.00 with free Priority Mail shipping

    I have been asked to put all the batches in one location , but just haven't had time . Here are the remaining: Batch # 6 1 1.76 oz tin Of Samuel Gawith Westmoreland Mixture purchased 10/17 5 3.5 oz tins of Dunhill Mixture 965 purchased 7/18 3 2 oz tins of GL Pease Westminster 2...
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    Accessories For Sale The last batches with the exception of some blending tobacco

    I have removed all batches on the board here that have sold. But, I can't remove the heading. In case I forget to put a price, all batches are now $55.00 including Priority M . shipping. I will not list the blending tobacco until most of the existing batches sell. The blending will only be a...
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    Accessories For Sale All Batches Now $55.00

    I have batches all over my house ready to ship which are in my way! Plus, I have several more batches to list. So, all batches are now $55.00 which still includes free Priority Mail shipping which has been ranging from $17.00 to $35.00 plus depending on the location, etc. I have made one...
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    Accessories For Sale Batch 7 & 10 Are Sold -Batch 5,6, 8 , 9 and 11 still available plus the following New Batches

    Batch # 13 5 1.75 oz tins of Dunhill (Real Dunhill in Dunhill tins ) Mixture 965 purchased 1/2019 4 1.75 oz tins of Ashton Artison's Blend purchased 1/2019 2 2.0 oz tins of GL Pease Quiet Nights 1 2.0 oz tin of GL Pease Chelsea Morning Over $136.00 retail plus tax Your cost $70.00...
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    Accessories For Sale Batch 7 is Sold - Batch 11 added below

    2 3.5oz tins of Rattrays Old Gowrie Purchased 10/19 and 1/18 2 1.75 oz tins of Escudo purchased 4/18 - Absolutely fantastic with this much age!! 1 4 oz tin of Seattle Pipe Club Plum Pudding purchased 1/19 2 2 oz tins of Cornell & Diehl Bijou purchased 12/18 $125 retail plus tax Your...
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    Accessories For Sale Batch 1,2 and 3 are sold . Batch 4 still available plus 2 more batches

    Batch #6 1 50g tin of Samuel Gawith Westmorland Mixture purchased 10/17 3 2 oz tins of GL Pease Westminster 2 manufactured 7/18 one 7/19 5 tins of REAL Dunhill My Mixture 965 in Dunhill tins 50g 1.76 oz $115 value plus tax and nit aged! My price $55.00 with free PM shipping Tnx so much...
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    Accessories For Sale Batch Sold

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    Accessories For Sale 14 Tins of Cornell & Diehl Small Batch Carolina Red Flake UPDATED PRICE

    Manufactured on 9/23/19-almost 3 yrs of age. A blend of the finest N.C. grown red Va.'s harvested in 2015. It's a fantastic Va.which has aged incredibly!! $70.00 which includes Priority Mail shipping. Pse contact me via PM. Tnx so much, Alan
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    New Pens

    I was getting low on paper (Clairefontaine and Rhodia ) so I placed an order with Goulet and added some cheap pens. A couple of TWSBI and also a Pelican Twist and a few bottles of Pilot ink. The pens are pretty impressive for the money and the Twist is about as smooth as any pen I own including...
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    Hello from Ga.

    Been lurking for a while and thought I would finally post! Been a pipe smoker about 50 years and enjoy home blending . Probably have more cellared than I will ever smoke . I am sure I am not the only one here with that situation! Alan