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  1. Brewdude

    Star Trek Picard

    Wow! Just Wow! This grabbed me right from the start and never let go. Very powerful series with a well developed story line and top notch acting all around. It picks up from a point many years further on from ST Nemesis and explores new avenues with Jean-Luc now that he's aging. Yet Patrick...
  2. Brewdude

    Help in identifying a movie

    I'm trying to identify a movie I saw as a kid. This was on TV when I saw it probably in the early 60's and think it was likely a good few years old by that time. I do remember it being in color, so the folks must have had a color TV at that time. Anyway, all I can recall is that it was set back...
  3. Brewdude


    All Earlier this year I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. An abdominal scan revealed a tumor on my left kidney that was larger than the kidney, and I had no idea that it was there until I started having symptoms. Initially, the plan was to remove the tumor and kidney. I was 4 days away...
  4. Brewdude

    Pipe For Sale Bulk Ropes/Pigtail/Plug/Unobtainium Latakia for sale - DONE

    All Here is the latest batch of bulk I have on offer. These have all been stored in Mason Jars since I got them. Prior to shipping I will transfer them to double ziplocks as shipping glass is risky. All of these are hard to find/unobtainium. Sorry, but the software here does not have a tobacco...
  5. Brewdude

    R.I.P Charlie Watts

    Dead at 80. R.I.P Charlie. :cry: No Cheers, RR
  6. Brewdude

    What's on your bucket list?

    Tell us about the top item on your bucket list. The one thing you just have to do before you take that dirt nap. I'll go first - I lived in Wiz-gan-sin for 30-odd years, mostly in the greater M'waukee area and 'burbs. Many was the time I took a trip "up north" as we put it (or "up nort" if you...
  7. Brewdude

    Tin and Bulk sale

    All- I've decided to cull a great deal of my stash in an effort to reduce the amount of 'baccy I'll never smoke in my lifetime. All of the bulk has been stored in a large mason jars. As it wouldn't be safe enough to ship these in glass I'll transfer them to a large heavy duty ziplock before...
  8. Brewdude

    New Bill Seeks to Dramatically Increase Federal Taxes on Tobacco Products Watch this one carefully and write your representatives. This could be the final nail in the coffin if it passes as is. (n) No Cheers, RR
  9. Brewdude

    Remix/Remaster album release (long)

    All This is intended as a general alert for some new/old music I would very much like to share with you. This work encompasses a highly ambitious project that I first embarked on some ~49 years ago. The journey goes back to one of my very best bands I was ever involved with in the early/mid...
  10. Brewdude

    RIP Leslie West

    We just lost another legend. Leslie West was an early influence of mine. I clearly remember Mountain's first album. "Mississippi Queen" and "Never In My Life" were very powerful guitar dominated tunes and sent me on a journey of chasing West's unique tone. That resulted in buying a '57 LP...
  11. Brewdude

    Mountain rollercoaster in Switzerland

    Does this look like fun or what? :p Cheers, RR
  12. Brewdude


    Eddie Van Halen was an original and led the way in guitar technique during a time when it had mostly stagnated. His unique tapping/shredding/whammy bar signature revolutionized rock music. EVH succumbed to the big C he'd been fighting today at age 65.   Please join with me in celebrating the...
  13. Brewdude

    Puffy is 78 today!!

    Happy Birdy young man! Cheers, RR
  14. Brewdude

    Happy Birthday Carlos!

    Have a great birfday boss! Cheers, RR
  15. Brewdude

    Hiram-2011 it be your birthday today!

    Hey Shane, don't want you to think nobody remembered your special day today- Cheers, RR
  16. Brewdude

    It's Magic!

    Las Vegas magician Mac King has a trick that's so notoriously difficult to figure out, even world famous magicians Penn & Teller admitted they have no clue how he does it. Pretty impressive! :bom: <iframe width="560" height="315" src=""...
  17. Brewdude

    Puff Daddy - happy birthday on ya!

    Hey Jim, happy birdy! Cheers, RR
  18. Brewdude

    Happy Birthday D.L. Ruth

    Happy Birdy Mr. Ruth! Cheers, RR
  19. Brewdude

    A rememberance for Sante.

    Sad day. Sante (fishnbanjo) would have turned 70 today. I'm sure we all morn his passing as he brought us all many happy experiences of his life, including and especially his pics of "keeping it smokey". Light a good one in his memory today. :| Cheers, RR
  20. Brewdude

    New Surf album

    All My new instrumental Surf album CD is now ready and available. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out and would like to offer it to any and all here on BoB. It's a 3-CD collection of 29 original Surf tunes I wrote that takes me back to my roots when I was coming up in the 60's as a...