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  1. Swede

    A G.L. Pease for a Perique Lover

    Well, I'm constructing a new tobacco order, and believe I should experience some of Greg Pease's blends. I do love Perique, so was drawn to the heavier Perique blends. After reading a lot of reviews, I've changed my order three times from Haddo's Delight to Sixpence to Triple Play. I'm a little...
  2. Swede

    It Was a Prince (Albert) of a Day

    Yesterday, I was passing through a small town (used to be a big railroad town), and decided to stop at a grocery store for some of their excellent fried chicken. When I went to pay, I asked about any pipe tobacco. To my surprise, she said only this Prince Albert and it was a box of luxury pouch...
  3. Swede

    Burleys, Granger, Velvet and Artful Codger YT Video

    Well, I've recently listened to a Russ Ouelette YT interview on tobacco types, and he mentioned that to get an idea of the taste of a burley try either Granger or Velvet because they were pretty much straight tobacco. I don't remember his exact words, but that's how I took it, so began reading...
  4. Swede

    Experiment with Inexpensive Tin Can Tobacco Press

    I got interested in making my own pressed tobacco plug, and read and watched videos mostly requiring a purchase of a noodle maker, or building a wooden box, etc. Wanting to test it first and I try to be thrifty, I decided to use a cleaned out beets tin can thinking the lining is food grade and...
  5. Swede

    Prince Albert Old Made in USA vs New from Dominican Republic

    Today, I was able to locally find a 14 can of Prince Albert for $29, but as has been noted for Carter Hall, this PA also is made in Dominican Republic. I had an old luxury pouch of PA bought around 2017, but made in the USA. I also just received some bulk PA from 4noggins, and I've been smoking...
  6. Swede

    Great Tennessee Pipe Shop Discovered

    While taking lunch the other day, I got on my phone to search for a pipe tobacco source around me. I was almost on top of this one called Ye Ole Pipe Shoppe & Cigar Lounge in Jackson, TN. Since I had some time left, I walked over, and it was a really nice shop with some harder to find tobaccos...
  7. Swede

    Hello from Tennessee

    Fellow pipe smokers, I've just registered and for a quick intro I was smoking pipes quite a bit with a preference for perique blends. I also occasionally smoke cigars. For various reasons, I've tapered off on both, but still have interest. I really like learning about tobacco types, the culture...