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  1. Simple Man

    The 2019 Peterson Christmas Pipes Are In

    I like them. I have my eye on the 606 (pot) this year. <img src="" alt="The 2019 Peterson Christmas Pipes Are In 71037010"/>
  2. Simple Man

    Old Codger TAD Haul

    14oz can of Carter Hall A couple of ounces of each of the following Match Field & Stream Match Flying Dutchman Lane 1Q
  3. Simple Man

    Matters of the Heart

    Hey folks, just a quick note to let you all know I won't be hanging around much for a while. I suspect my smoking pipe may be coming to an end, this time for good. I had a heart cath yesterday, and my arteries were clear (good news). But the bad news is my heart valve is wearing out, I was born...
  4. Simple Man

    Is Peterson Making pipes out of Brylon?

    Is this true? I just saw a facebook ad from P&C that shows a Peterson 2018 pipe of the year and the ad says the bowl material is "brylon"... is that something that is new to them or have they been doing that? I remember brylon as being briar dust formed to make bowls in cheaper pipes. Am I...
  5. Simple Man

    Osage Orange pipe from Ozark Wizard

    The mail man just brought me this nice osage orange pipe that I ordered from Ozark Wizard. He included a nice bit of his Grandpa's Sweater blend; which I love! Also received a tin of Reiner's Gold Blend 71 from Cupojoes. <img src="" alt="Osage...
  6. Simple Man

    Heavy Metal PAD

    Picked up a couple of metal pipes. The first is an Aristocob. It was in pretty nice condition, but I didn't like the plastic stem, so I sent it off to Walker's to get a vulcanite stem made and while it was there he polished the bowl up a bit for me. I still have the original stem as well, but I...
  7. Simple Man


    Congratulations! You all have gotten me to bite. I have been following these threads and couldn't stand it any longer. This week I purchased and received two Wing Sung 618s. One clear and silver, one red. I also bought some Noodler's Gruene Cactus, and Noodler's Nikita (Khrushchev) Red, which...
  8. Simple Man

    Which will it be?

    Okay, a lot of you have hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars of tobaccos in your cellars. Say you can only have one blend from here on out, okay, make it two. Which do you reach for the most? What will your two blends be? This hobby can send you on a mad hunt for that perfect elusive blend...
  9. Simple Man

    Peterson Fisherman Lovat

    I've been wanting this pipe for a long time and finally have one on the way! Now this payday I need to place a small tobacco order. <img src="" alt="Peterson Fisherman Lovat Pipe-p10"/>
  10. Simple Man

    Edgar Allan Poe Documentary - Terror of the Soul

    This is an interesting documentary... <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" loading="lazy" allowfullscreen ></iframe>
  11. Simple Man

    Placed a Few Orders for Fall

    Ordered a couple of ounces each of Butternut Burley and Scotty's Salmon River. Four ounces each of Sleepy Hollow and Rookwood from Straus Tobacconist, along with a Rider's Revenge cigar (though I seldom, if ever, smoke a cigar)... I thought I would make an exception. AND, my first new pipe in...
  12. Simple Man

    ThistleOak (a little exterminator humor)

    :lol: BTW, I used to be an exterminator too.
  13. Simple Man

    What Are You Reading?

    The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson
  14. Simple Man

    Esoterica (all kinds)

    Just saw on Instagram that Straus Tobacconist has it. It won't last long though...
  15. Simple Man

    An Old Friend Returns (sort of)

    I had a pipe that was pretty special to me. It was a 1982 Comoy's Christmas Pipe that I bought the year my wife and I got married. A few years ago while going through a particularly hard time, I sold it. I instantly regretted selling that pipe because of the memories attached, but sometimes you...
  16. Simple Man

    Dagner Built Custom Tomato

    As some of you know from another thread, I said I would order the above pipe and give my opinions on it. I ordered it on Tuesday and received it today. It was packaged very nicely. Inside the box was an invoice with a handwritten note from Jayson Dagner thanking me for my business. Also on the...
  17. Simple Man

    Youtube Pipe Community

    It's been lightly discussed on BoB before, but does anyone watch pipe smoking videos on YouTube? I watch three primarily. Matches860 - he's got an easy way about him and I enjoy listening to him tell stories and talk. He seems like he'd be a fun guy to spend some time talking with and having a...
  18. Simple Man

    Penzance at Peretti's

    Better be quick!
  19. Simple Man

    Did Some Wheelin' and Dealin' Today...

    And ended up with a new SCCY 9mm and a couple boxes of ammo. Traded a few antiques for it that I got a while back for practically nothing but time and effort to restore, so not bad. The 9mm looks like this one...
  20. Simple Man

    Bought a new gun today.

    Went to Adventure Outdoors just to "look" at some concealed carry revolvers. Ended up putting a Ruger LCRx 38 + P with 3" barrel on lay-away. I'll go one day next week if I get time to pick it up. Also ordered a White Hat Co holster for it... Pics when I get everything.