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  1. Ozark Wizard

    Doug Erwin has passed.

    He passed away. Some here may remember him. Just thought I'd share. I have a candle lit for him.
  2. Ozark Wizard

    New look for BoB?

    The site looks different than before. Is it just me, or what?
  3. Ozark Wizard

    Halloween theme cancelled?

    I was curious if there was going to be a spooky mystery gig this year. I know the bombing squadron is on hiatus. That's all.
  4. Ozark Wizard


    Been catching up on news. The West is burning! Just saw about the mandatory evacuation of Clackamas County in Oregon. Take care Blackhorse!
  5. Ozark Wizard

    Sam Gawith TAD

    Not really TAD, but since it was available, I grabbed a 250 gram box of Kendall Plug. It's a little darker and a little sweeter than the 2018 batch. Yummy though....
  6. Ozark Wizard

    Goodbye John Prine

    He passed away today. Listening to his stuff now with a candle lit.
  7. Ozark Wizard

    Happy IPSD!

    Yup! Hope it was a good one! :cheers:
  8. Ozark Wizard

    Paid my taxes!

    No, not THOSE. Tobacco taxes. Got a box of PS LBF from Payless cigars and they added a nine percent sales and a 9.75% tobacco tax. Imagine my surprise! :affraid:
  9. Ozark Wizard

    Kirk Douglas

    He passed away at 103 year's old. Not a bad run! Going to watch 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea for memorial. The one with James Mason.
  10. Ozark Wizard

    Hard legislation STAKE
  11. Ozark Wizard

    Back under the knife.

    Well, a couple of weeks from now I'm going to have my spine reworked. After Christmas I get to see a specialist regarding my vision. The right eye is slowly fading. The fogged view is messing with my depth perception and causing headaches. All this from getting dumped by my horse a while back...
  12. Ozark Wizard

    A little TAD

    Ordered four ounces of Wilke Lizzie Blood Red Virginia and got some of Watch City Spill'sbane, the Christmas collaboration between Ernie and I. The Wilke Lizzie Blood has an orange topping that's a lot more subtle than Rattrays exotic Orange with more zest, very nice. Spill'sbane is a meatier...
  13. Ozark Wizard

    Happy birthday Pepesdad1!

    Hope your birthday brings you good things sir!
  14. Ozark Wizard

    Retirement from the Bomb Squadron

    It is with a heavy heart, but I have decided to resign as co-commander of the BOB Bombing Squadron at the conclusion of this month's mission. Financially and professionally I'm in a tough situation, and while I may not be participating in runs for the next few months, I do plan to get involved...
  15. Ozark Wizard

    Happy Birthday Jeffya2!

    Hope you survived the summer well and are enjoying a great birthday!
  16. Ozark Wizard

    Happy birthday Fatman

    Hey John. I miss you. Hope you had a great birthday sir! :(
  17. Ozark Wizard

    Carolina Red flake in stock

    Smoking is limiting to 25 per order. In case anyone is interested.
  18. Ozark Wizard

    Halloween Mystery 2019

    Howdy folks! Ozzie here. Ah recun it's that time of year again to have ourselves a spooky tale to get us all thinking as we ride along the trail. A ghoulish tale to gather around the campfire and send chills down your spine while you warm your bones before bunking down under open skies in the...
  19. Ozark Wizard

    October's spooky bombing mission

    Good morning folks! It's that time of year again and we have another mission ahead for you pilots out there! This is the thread to respond to if you wish to join us. I have a very special target in mind this time. An unsung hero one might say.... Also, as is the tradition, we shall have a...
  20. Ozark Wizard

    ODF plug

    So I worked a trade for a couple of tins of this a while back. It's every bit as dense as 3P, and a bit sweeter than the flake version in my opinion. I cut a single flake about 3mm thick and cube cut it for the first smoke. It lasted way longer in the pipe than I expected. DGT'd several times to...