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  1. Corncobcon

    Now that's a mushroom!

    New M M cob came today.
  2. Corncobcon

    Laptop screwed up again.

    Apparently my Norton utilities is not doing its job. Time to take it to our local laptop guru and have it fixed. It seems to me that a laptop only lasts for a couple of years and then craps out. Just too slow.
  3. Corncobcon

    C&D Black Frigate

    This stuff is excellent. Just out of curiosity, is there any other tobacco that comes close to this in flavor?
  4. Corncobcon

    Got my truck back today.

    Last week while in town, my truck died at a stop sign. I had to get it towed. It took a week for the guy to get to it. Finally, he had to reprogram the computer. Now all is fine, (I hope). It only cost me 50 bucks. If I had to have it towed to the nearest Dodge dealer, (30 miles away), I...
  5. Corncobcon

    July 10th, 1971...

    Tomorrow, July 10th, 2021 is our 50th wedding anniversary! I can't believe I've been married to this woman for so long. I can't believe she has been married to this old fart for so long, either! The flowers that I ordered came today. Even though the flower company screwed up my order, the...
  6. Corncobcon

    Holger Danske Black and Bourbon

    Is there any other tobacco that is similar to HD Black & Bourbon? It's made by Mac Baren. I was wondering if MB's Black Ambrosia is the same? Anybody? I really enjoy this tobacco and wonder if there is anything else out there that might be a bit cheaper in price.
  7. Corncobcon

    Yea! I scored!

    I got two 14 oz cans of Carter Hall from SmokingPipes! Just came in today!!! If I'm carefull, should last me a long time!
  8. Corncobcon

    What to smoke with that first cup of coffee?

    I usually don't smoke with my first cup early in the morning, but, some days I can't help it. Usually it's not until about 10am before I light up my first bowl of the day. It's usually Carter Hall, but since that will soon go away, I'm looking for something else to smoke in the mornings. I'm...
  9. Corncobcon

    Just scored...

    ...2 tubs of Carter Hall from Smoker's Discount. I hope it gets here soon.
  10. Corncobcon

    Storing square tins

    When storing square tins such as S.G. Kendal Cream or MacBaren H.H. Burley Flake, to name a couple, do you put each tin in a baggie or just put it away? Some of these tins I will probably never smoke, so I put them each in a baggie. Is it really necessary? If the tobacco tins are stored in a...
  11. Corncobcon


    I can't find Carter Hall tubs in stock. I'm almost out, now what do I do?
  12. Corncobcon

    Ya ever have one of those days?

    Boy am I bummed out today. It's cold outside, can't wait until summer. It's cloudy now. I pulled out the vacuum to do some cleaning and just left it sitting in the hallway, screw it. Sat down to watch tv. Nothing good on for me. Now I'm on the laptop, answering a couple of PM's I got. I'm...
  13. Corncobcon

    A tragic loss

    I learned that on New Year's Eve a friend, neighbor and his partner in life were killed on I-10 in Texas. A semi lost control and crossed the median, slamming head-on into their motor home. Steve and Sherri owned a home in our association along with a home in Las Vegas. They would split...
  14. Corncobcon

    First smoke of the new year

    What is your first smoke of the new year? I'm smoking my calabash with Inns of Court tobacco. Next up today will be my Gefapip pot with some Carter Hall.
  15. Corncobcon

    This was funny after it was done...

    We have our 21 year old granddaughter living with us. She doesn't like to pick things up and just leaves them wherever she wants. Yesterday as I was going through the kitchen I noticed one of her navy blue college face masks on the table. I picked it up just as she was entering the room and I...
  16. Corncobcon

    Hey, what happened... the automotive section?
  17. Corncobcon

    A little more tobacco

    Since my credit cards are being used for holiday gifts, I thought I'd order some tobacco for myself. This is what I got... Drucquer and Sons- Inns of Court and Red Lion C&D- Riverboat Gambler, Burley Flake #1, Snug Harbor, and Cherry Jubilee
  18. Corncobcon

    Does BIC...

    ...make a pipe lighter? I need a good, easy to use, lighter. My hands are getting bad and my cheap pipe lighters don't last long enough. My Zippo is hard to use, and my Zikar lighters are too hard to push down the plunger. I have gone to matches, but I seem to use too many of them. Any...
  19. Corncobcon

    I want some recognition!

    Well, since Birth dates don't show up under the new format, I figure... Happy birthday to me!!! (y) ;):p:D:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  20. Corncobcon

    Another TAD order

    Just ordered another tub of Carter Hall and 8 oz. of Butternut Burley. I can't go without those two!