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  1. docwatson

    Richmond, VA.. CORPS news

    Just received this. CORPS News Bulletin: (August 28, 2014) CORPS-30yr-Logo-one inch.jpg The executive committee of the Conclave of Richmond Pipe Smokers announce that this 30th annual Pipesmokers’ Exposition and Celebrationwill be our last expo. We have worked tirelessly over...
  2. docwatson

    NASPC arrived in the post

    Another fantastic edition of the NASPC newsletter arrived a day ago and it's packed with more great stories, advertising, and pipe show listings than ever. Also a new printing format is being used which looks really great. This publication is a must have for any and all pipe smokers/collectors...
  3. docwatson

    Edgeworth flake made by Larus

    I know that life can't be very exciting when one of my highlights this month was finding an Unopened 1 pound tin of the Original Edgeworth Flake made by Larus Brothers dated with a 1926 federal stamp!!! It was not dryed out, and I couldn't wait to load a bowl. Burley is one of my favorite smokes...
  4. docwatson

    I would like your opinion

    I would like your opinion about an issue I have with an eBay seller. Approximately 2 months ago I sold a USED estate pipe on eBay. It was like new, in the original box with sleeve. I smoked the pipe myself and so did the previous owner. Probably a maximum of three times!! The person who bought...
  5. docwatson

    Random Photos of the Kaywoodie Annual Christmas Event

    This may be pic heavy, but hope you enjoy. andy Alan and Dick Activities in the back room of the Kaywoodie factory Joe Skoda pipemaker Tim Hynick handmade pipes more of Tim's work Rolando Negoita pipes Pipe smoking Contest Winner for the Kaywoodie Event Joe "Mad Dog" Mason...
  6. docwatson

    Kaywoodie Annual Christmas Pipe Fest

    Here's the latest from Bill Feuerbach V.P. of S.M. Frank & Co. (Kaywoodie Pipes) in upstate New York. I'm really looking forward to this spectacular event, and anyone else interested here is the latest information. Gentlemen, We are getting closer to the 2012 Holiday Party and Northeast...
  7. docwatson

    Kyle says "gum it up" with more photos!!

    OK Kyle, I'll gum up the thread with a few more photos of that Cross Cut Panel Pipe. :D :D And after breaking this in with several bowls it is an extraordinary smoke.
  8. docwatson

    SHPC Pipe of the Year

    Just have to show off the new Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club pipe of the Year that we received a short while ago. It is truly an unusual shape for me but couldn't pass up a Mastro de Paja pipe.
  9. docwatson

    L J Peretti cross cut Panel

    I've had this pipe for a long time and just decided to break her in. Personally I love cross cut pipes and birds eye grain. Breaking it in with some McClelland Smyrna #1. Life is good.
  10. docwatson

    A Weeks worth of tobacco sampling

    My Thanks go out to our esteemed Brother Blackhorse for the generous samplings he sent to me that will take at least a week to enjoy. All samples of tobacco that I've never experienced before, and being a self proclaimed tobacco slut I am totally grateful. One sample already evaluated and...
  11. docwatson

    Does your pipe fit your Face style?????

    At the time this was a good marketing strategy, but still makes sense today. Although what kind of face should smoke a drip wax finish??? :lol!:
  12. docwatson

    New Bonacquisti Billiard

    Sharing a couple photos of my new Paul Bonacquisti pipe that I acquired at the recent Kaywoodie Extravaganza in upstate New York this past weekend. It smokes like a dream. Couldn't wait to break it in with their Connoisseur Flake which is fantastic.
  13. docwatson

    Random Photo's from Kaywoodie Holiday Extravaganza

    Just a few random photos to view, Hopefully someone will submit a photo of Doc Garr who was the winner of the pipe smoking event setting a new record. Vernon Vig instructions Tim Hynick & Nelson Instructions Pipe preparation Paul Bonacquisti & Lenny Lou Carbone Les Joe Mason Hank the Jets Fan...
  14. docwatson

    More Random Photos Las Vegas Show II

    Luca-Neat Pipes Tonni Al Grosskopf Hank Saatchi & Vernon Vig Marty Pulvers-R.D. Field and Jan Peverley Rob Denholtz Gary Schrier Michael Parks Neill Roan Richard Friedman Tom Pfaffle Ian and Catriona Walker Northern Briars Maxim Engel Rich Curll Robert Lawing Joel Shurtleff Brad Pohlmann Paul...
  15. docwatson

    More Random Photos Las Vegas Show

    Steve Morrisette Tonni & LeeLinwood Hines & Joe Nelson Steve Morrisette and Jon RinaldiMike GluklerPeter Heeschen & Steve monjure Mike Edborg & Andy Herbruck Don Seatter Rick Newcombe & Carolyn Perea John Ferraro Pipe Emporium Carolyn Perea Rob Denholtz & Linwood Hines Monster Meer Monster...
  16. docwatson

    Richmond Pipe show pics

    Hi All, I know it's been a while, but here are some random photos from the 2011 Richmond Pipe Show. Two Friends PIpes Rolando Negoita Rolando and Joe Skoda Rick Hopkins-Steve Smith-Sykes Wilford Rick Hopkins table Pete Prygelski Nick Miller Quality Briar with Rad Davis Mike Lindner Mel Feldman...
  17. docwatson

    Pipes in film

    Recently saw the movie "Modigliani" where Andy Garcia plays the lead roll as an aspiring artist in France. The actor portraying Pablo Picasso is smoking some great pipes in many of the scenes. Highly recommended both for the pipe smoking and the great story line :D
  18. docwatson

    Latest Kaywoodie Acquisition

    New Kaywoodie Pipe of the Year for 2009. A year late???? LOL Happy Doc !!!
  19. docwatson

    Altadis Perique in Hogsheads

    Just a test to see if I can post a photo--Me luddite.LOL
  20. docwatson

    Salzerac Rye Whisky

    Anyone have any remarks or reviews for Salzerac Rye Whisky???? New Hampshire Liquor Commission just brought in a batch of 18 year old which I couldn't resist today. I'm anxious to try a Salzerac Cocktail which is supposedly the oldest cocktail in the USA. But I still must find some absynthe for...