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  1. ftrplt

    TAD strikes again!!!

    I must admit to being guilty of TAD in the last week or so! I need no tobacco; but the "want" side got to me!! From West Virginia Smoke Shop and Brother Haeber, I reeled in over two pounds of Granger, Gatlin-Burley, Barking Dog (old aged stuff!!), Carter Hall, Walnut (again well aged), and Crown...
  2. ftrplt

    Heading out!

    Leaving on our Christmas sojourn to Maryland and North Carolina in the morning. Not going to be around much, if at all for the next two weeks!! A Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a wonderful New Year to all of you here!!!! Puff in Peace and Tranquility!!!! FTRPLT
  3. ftrplt

    Happy Turkey Day!!

    A few days early I realize; however the wife and I are heading out in the morning. Spending Thanksgiving with her family in Houston. Won't be around here until next Monday. Please think of all the wonderful things for which we have to be thankful!! Be kind and giving to those in need. On a...
  4. ftrplt


    IIRC, years ago there were two large tobacco companies that, I believe, have been acquired by other companies. One was Consolidated, I think!! There other started with a "S," again I think. Any help here will be appreciated; my brain cells ain't what they used to be!!! FTRPLT
  5. ftrplt

    How not to smoke a clay churchwarden!!

    Was quietly and gently smoking one of my clay CW's yesterday afternoon. Bowl filled with some 10-yr-old Union Square. Along comes a dang wasp the size of the Enterprise; I attempt to shoo it away. Unfortunately, I lost all "situational awareness," my right hand and arm flailing at the enemy...I...
  6. ftrplt

    All done!!

    FYI...Had an email exchange with Dan (Lumpy'slures). He's through selling Sante's/Fishnbanjo's stuff!!! FTRPLT
  7. ftrplt

    Good -Bye to Larrysson pipes.

    Popped over to his website for a visit. He made his last pipes in February!! Moving on into a new "adventure!!" Will continue the website for estate pipes and tobacco tins! Another superb pipe maker gone! I gotta' check my pipe inventory. I know I have one blasted bulldog; I may have another! FTRPLT
  8. ftrplt

    "John Cotton's"

    Popped a 4 yr. old tin of JC's #1&2 yesterday. Hadn't smoked this blend since way back when!! Out of curiosity, I wanted to read a bit more about the contents. Jumped over to the SPipes website; only the "pressed" versions listed. Same at P&C, Cup O' Joes, 4Noggins, Just for Him, etc. Pressed...
  9. ftrplt

    Esoterica 'baccy review/s

    I've recently smoked Hastings, Pembroke, and St.Ives; all courtesy of RSteve's gracious giftings!! While I've smoked other Esoterica's for years (Penzance, Margate, Stonehaven, plus And So To Bed), this has been my first experience with the aforementioned three. Disclaimer: I have not read any...
  10. ftrplt

    Seven Re-Stems added to the collection!!

    Just got these seven back from Mike Myers with new acrylic stems!!! I'm pleased as punch with his work!! Top left: 50+ year-old BBB Tortoise with a proper white stem! Second from top: A 50+ Longchamp with a new "faux" amber stem. Third from top: A Moulin Rouge Renoir (Comoy second, IIRC!) with a...
  11. ftrplt

    Sherlock Holmes question

    Didn't we have a separate section for discussing all things "221b Baker Street" on the previous Bob version? If so, why did it not carry over to the new board?? FTRPLT
  12. ftrplt

    Rye Whisky/ey

    Somewhere in an earlier subject thread, one of you asked about Rye Whiskey; i.e., which ones do you like? I don't think there was any follow up to the query. So here goes my shot at the subject. I do enjoy Rye Whiskey; I'm not much of a Bourbon person. I can handle a bit of Tennessee sippin'...
  13. ftrplt

    Sherlock's Home

    Question for any BoB's living around Minn-St. Paul, Minn. area. Years ago (1990's mostly) while working for the FAA, I spent a lot of time at Northwest Airlines. & other local pilot-training centers doing training and/or inspections. Found this great pub on the west side of town called...
  14. ftrplt

    Watch City Slice

    Temptation overcame me once again. Just had to have another six ozs. of this wonderful Burley slice!!! This 'baccy is really good!! Those who enjoy Burley will truly get a kick out of this one!! FTRPLT
  15. ftrplt

    Sign In

    Seems I'm having to sign-in on a frequent basis the last few weeks (such as just now!). I've checked all the boxes, dotted the "i's," and crossed the "t's." Any thoughts/comments from those "in the know??" :cheers: FTRPLT
  16. ftrplt

    Briarbabe is 41!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday!!! Come back and visit sometime :cheers: FTRPLT
  17. ftrplt

    Denholrl is older today!!

    75!!! Older than me!! Happy Birthday!! Come round and visit more often!! :cheers: FTRPLT
  18. ftrplt

    Huffelpuff is 50!!

    A mere lad of 50!! Happy Birthday!! :cheers: FTRPLT
  19. ftrplt

    Happy Holidays

    Yes, I know it's a bit early, but SWMBO and I are departing in the morning on a two-week Christmas & New Years jaunt to visit family in Maryland and North Carolina. Pipes and 'baccy are going with me, of course :D :D My best wishes to all for a wonderful Holiday season!! Merry Christmas and a...
  20. ftrplt

    Attoning for my absence!

    The last two weeks or so have been hectic as hell for my better half and me! Family emergencies, travel, Turkey Day visit/s, etc., etc. To all the birthdays I have missed, I sincerely apologize and wish one and all a great Big Happy Birthday!! For others with health challenges, I wish you a...