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    No weapons in the workplace? Really?!?!?!

    We're going through our annual violence free workplace training or as I like to call it, "How to be a sitting duck during an attack." As with most places we can be fired for having any weapons at work. (Fortunately I currently work from home but that can change.) But if someone comes into the...
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    Mountain Lion Sighting.

    Haven't seen any deer for a while. A few days ago we heard gunshots that sounded like they were coming from a neighbor's place where they raise sheep. SWMBO spotted a mountain lion crouching down by our pond a few minutes ago while walking two of her dogs. Mystery solved.
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    Shortages, shortages, and more shortages!!!

    Baby formula. Cans for cat food. Tampons?!?!?! I've been checking almost daily for months for rifle ammunition primers to no avail. They tell me the ammunition manufacturers are behind and are using them all up. What shortages have you heard about recently?
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    Update on Angus! :)

    I mentioned a while back that my 14 year old beagle had to be put to sleep in July of last year and one of my wife's German shepherd dogs had to be put to sleep in April of this year. In November of last year I got a hound from the shelter and named him Angus. Boy, what a dog! The vet thought...
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    Format and device for carrying around music?

    I thought there was a thread here but I can't find it now. What's a good format and a good device for a portable music player? I might be in the market for something to carry with me when I'm out working.
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    Time to begin smoking ... meats!!!

    Actually, any time is the time to smoke meats in my shed. The manufacturer's photo of my pride and joy; 600+ pounds of 1/4" steel!
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    Activities to keep your mind sharp?

    What do you older guys do to keep your mind sharp? I work full-time, read non-fiction books, play online correspondence chess, plus a couple more things. My doctors strongly suggest I keep working as long as I can. You?
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    Blake's 7 anyone?

    Anyone remember that series?
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    Were any of you fans of The Man from U.N.C.L.E.?

    Back in school that was THE TV show all the boys watched. Don't hear anything about it now. It was made from 1964 to 1968. Hard to believe David McCallum is still acting on NCIS.
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    Am I 'old school' and, if so, is that a bad thing?

    Smart phone? No. (I have one but I don't like it.) Flip/candy bar phone? Yes. I plan to go back to one. (I've even thought about getting a rotary dial desk or wall phone and an answering machine but I'd hate to give up the mobility the cell phone gives me.) Social networking? No, unless...
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    Now today sucks too!

    Working remotely it's not unusual to not hear from anyone for several days or even a couple of weeks. I just found out that my previous boss for over 16 years just got laid off Thursday morning along with 4 of his direct reports. He had been with the company nearly 30 years and he's only 50...
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    Yesterday sucked!

    One of my wife's two German Shepherd Dogs had a problem Saturday afternoon. It displayed again Sunday morning so we rushed him to the Vet ER Clinic. Spleen cancer that had metastasized to the heart and other organs. By the time you see symptoms it's too late according to the vet. He had to be...
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    Are we training ourselves to be attention deficit?

    Not the medical ADD but the bad habit of having difficulty focusing/concentrating. I think so and apparently so do others. Some possible causes; multitasking, social media, mainstream TV and radio news shows, TV reality shows, and other activities that bounce around from topic to topic for...
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    "Acting is defined as the action of pretending to be someone or something else." "Never reward someone who pretends to be someone else." Back in the early days of film the actors were considered low-lifes. I didn't watch the Academy Awards show this year and I rarely ever do. I have no idea...
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    Good enough over the ears, 8 ohm headphone with 1/4" plug?

    I'm by no means an audiophile. My old receivers and my ham radio transceivers all have 1/4" ports. What's a good enough pair of over the ears stereo (yes, I use Yaesu mono headphones for my ham radio activities, mostly CW) headphones with 1/4" plug for around $100 to maybe $150? I want to...
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    Hacks, hints, tips, and accessories for smoking while driving?

    I'm always fumbling for a lighter/matches or a tamper or a place to set my pipe when I'm driving. Need some help to make it safer and more enjoyable. Have you found any gadgets or made anything to help you out while smoking and driving? Photos would be nice. Thanks!
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    Favorite Barbecue Sauce?

    To follow the hot sauce thread it only makes sense to have a thread on BBQ Sauces.
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    Smoking vests?

    While searching this forum I came across a mention of a smoking vest. I've seen old movies and TV shows where a character wore a smoking jacket but I don't remember ever seeing a smoking vest. Anyone have one?
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    Pocket watches?

    I looked around and found some wrist watches but no pocket watches. Maybe I didn't look far enough. Anyone carry a pocket watch? How about some pictures?
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    For those of you who are retired or making the move to retirement.

    What convinced you to make the move? I keep going back and forth about retirement. Just curious as to what convinced others to retire.