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  1. Niblick

    Hello from the UK

    Welcome aboard Bob. I took some time and read some of your reviews and the one for La Brumeuse is priceless!
  2. Niblick

    A G.L. Pease for a Perique Lover

    Another one you may want to try is Jacknife Plug. It's a dark fired Kentucky and Virginia that has very favorable reviews. I bought a tin of it and Embarcadeo a few years back but have not had a chance to try them yet. I need to move them up in my list of need to try next. So many open...
  3. Niblick

    A G.L. Pease for a Perique Lover

    Triple Play was good enough for me to order 2 more 2 ounce tins and one 8 ounce after smoking a tin of it.
  4. Niblick

    A G.L. Pease for a Perique Lover

    This is a list of the Pease's blends that I've smoked. Really like all of them with Union Square as a standout for me. Gaslight and Quiet Nights are both tied for second. Cairo Fillmore Gaslight Meridian Quiet nights Regents Flake Stratford Temple Bar Triple Play Union Square .
  5. Niblick

    Pipe filters; I have VERY sensitive tongue and want to try filters. How and where do i buy filters that will fit in my normal sized pipes (Dunhill,et

    Are those pipe stems drilled to accept a filter? The Savinelli balsa filters may be cut down enough for you to fit one as long as it does not get stuck. Another option is the other filters by Nording called Keystone Filters that go inside the bowl. Warm welcome aboard to the forums!
  6. Niblick

    My Experiences Dealing with Altinok Meershaum Pipes

    Wow that is one very nice pipe you got there. Very nice taste in your selection and Congrats!
  7. Niblick

    money talks - golf now, which next?

    PIF of Saudi Arabia initially gave hime 2 billion for this year and next and then gave him another 2 billion for tournament play in year 2024 and 2025 from what I understand. Who knows what Norman's compensation is.
  8. Niblick

    money talks - golf now, which next?

    Maybe and maybe not. Tiger has made 1.7 billion playing golf in his career counting endorsement deals. PGA Tour golfers endorsements contain a clause that they are in good standing on the PGA Tour. Without this endorsment deals are broken. One of Tiger's business's is designing and building...
  9. Niblick

    money talks - golf now, which next?

    As of now they are banned from playing on the PGA Tour. Ian Poulter, a European playing on the PGA Tour is filing a lawsuit but I've not read yet about the details involved. The U.S. Open is a yearly tournament that is not ruled by the PGA Tour. Its sole purpose is to bring together the best...
  10. Niblick

    Experiment with Inexpensive Tin Can Tobacco Press

    Will you re use the same can now that both ends are free with washers on the outside of both?
  11. Niblick

    You Thought I Was Kidding?

    To be that fast cleaning and gutting them it must be often eating? I bet it tastes like chicken🤔
  12. Niblick

    worst candy?

    A Mexican restaurant in Dallas Texas, north of where I grew up had a candy section where the cashier was. I would sometimes get a piece or two just guessing and not knowing. These were wrapped in saran wrap and most had the texture of a fudge. I never really found any of them likeable at that...
  13. Niblick

    Dashcam info?

    Here is a link that may be of help. How Do Dashcams Work? Why Dash Cameras Are Important for Driving (
  14. Niblick

    Is the price right?

    For a Savinelli antique shell 604 that's in as good a shape as you say maybe 30-40 dollars like Ranger mentioned. The shape is hard to get but I think they still make them. The closest shape available new is a tad smaller like this one. Savinelli Roma Pipe #620 - I try not to...
  15. Niblick

    boxed breakfast cereal

    Corn Flakes and Raisin Bran for me. I add a little sugar to the Corn Flakes to sweeten things up. Might as well buy the Frosted Flake but don't.
  16. Niblick

    Yesterday sucked!

    Very sorry for your loss. We had a small female German Shepard growing up that was just wonderfull. I drive by two German Shepards that stay in someone's front yard on the way to and back from work. They remind me of how good of a dog she was as I pass by.
  17. Niblick

    How was your weather today?

    We finally put a couple of days together with no rain here in Mobile Alabama. No rain in the forecast till next Tuesday, hopefully my web feet will dry out by then. 🦆
  18. Niblick

    Ice T Mugged in New Jersey

    Where the current gas prices are I'll be getting one of these. :cool:
  19. Niblick

    What am I doing wrong? A pipe-packing lament.

    Oxy, glad it's working for you like it did for me (y)