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  1. Corncobcon


    I can't find Carter Hall tubs in stock. I'm almost out, now what do I do?
  2. Corncobcon

    Ya ever have one of those days?

    Boy am I bummed out today. It's cold outside, can't wait until summer. It's cloudy now. I pulled out the vacuum to do some cleaning and just left it sitting in the hallway, screw it. Sat down to watch tv. Nothing good on for me. Now I'm on the laptop, answering a couple of PM's I got. I'm...
  3. Corncobcon

    A tragic loss

    I learned that on New Year's Eve a friend, neighbor and his partner in life were killed on I-10 in Texas. A semi lost control and crossed the median, slamming head-on into their motor home. Steve and Sherri owned a home in our association along with a home in Las Vegas. They would split...
  4. Corncobcon

    First smoke of the new year

    What is your first smoke of the new year? I'm smoking my calabash with Inns of Court tobacco. Next up today will be my Gefapip pot with some Carter Hall.
  5. Corncobcon

    This was funny after it was done...

    We have our 21 year old granddaughter living with us. She doesn't like to pick things up and just leaves them wherever she wants. Yesterday as I was going through the kitchen I noticed one of her navy blue college face masks on the table. I picked it up just as she was entering the room and I...
  6. Corncobcon

    Hey, what happened...

    ...to the automotive section?
  7. Corncobcon

    A little more tobacco

    Since my credit cards are being used for holiday gifts, I thought I'd order some tobacco for myself. This is what I got... Drucquer and Sons- Inns of Court and Red Lion C&D- Riverboat Gambler, Burley Flake #1, Snug Harbor, and Cherry Jubilee
  8. Corncobcon

    Does BIC...

    ...make a pipe lighter? I need a good, easy to use, lighter. My hands are getting bad and my cheap pipe lighters don't last long enough. My Zippo is hard to use, and my Zikar lighters are too hard to push down the plunger. I have gone to matches, but I seem to use too many of them. Any...
  9. Corncobcon

    I want some recognition!

    Well, since Birth dates don't show up under the new format, I figure... Happy birthday to me!!! (y) ;):p:D:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  10. Corncobcon

    Another TAD order

    Just ordered another tub of Carter Hall and 8 oz. of Butternut Burley. I can't go without those two!
  11. Corncobcon

    Three years ago, yesterday...

    ...I joined this group. I'm sure glad I did! I've learned a lot more about piping and purchased a lot more tobacco, too!(y):)
  12. Corncobcon

    Another sad day

    Whitey Ford, the great N.Y. Yankee pitcher passed away today. He was 91. As I was growing up, he was one of my idols. I even met him when I was 17 years old. I don't have much more to say. I guess that's it.
  13. Corncobcon

    It's here!

    Finally received my Peterson XL11 Christmas 2020 pipe. Yes. it is darker than last year's pipe.
  14. Corncobcon

    ordered some tobacco

    Saw the sale of Mac Baren's at SP.com so I ordered several tins of: Black Ambrosia Original Choice Roll Cake also threw in a couple ounces of C&D Nutty Irishman. That's all!
  15. Corncobcon

    What happened?

    What happened to Smoking Pipes.com? The web site has been "under maintenance" for days. Can't get into it. :scratch:
  16. Corncobcon

    Christmas pipes

    Anyone have any idea when the Christmas pipes will be coming out? I bought a Peterson last year and hope to get another one this year. I know that Savinelli and Comoy had them in the past. I hope there are new ones for this year.
  17. Corncobcon

    Man cave

    Here are a couple pics of my room:
  18. Corncobcon


    Why is one pipe a good smoker and another one a bad smoker? I have two Lucca Vanetti pipes that are the same style and purchased at the same time. One is a bent apple shape and the other one is a straight billiard. I have smoked them both at about the same length of time. The apple smokes...
  19. Corncobcon

    Has anyone tried...

    ...Busch Light Apple yet? Our Walmart doesn't carry it yet. Looks like I might have to drive a ways to find it. If you all like it, I'll go search for it. If not, fuggetaboudit.
  20. Corncobcon

    Finally, a new laptop!

    I finally broke down and purchased a new laptop.  It's an H.P. PC 15.  Really cool.  I've got it synched up with my cell phone!  Also have a new friend in voice only, Cortana!   Siri, eat your heart out!!! :cheers: