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  1. Carlos

    What's your favorite coffee?

    I know the pain! Coffee should always be sold by the pound. So should sausage, including links, rolls, and bulk. I have walked out of places that did not have what I want, by the pound. It's an OCD thing.
  2. Carlos

    Is It Really Syrian Latakia?

    It's a secretive thing. Processes and blending have always had this mystical aura. Pressing, steaming, toasting, topping, scenting, just seems to be no end to what some do to tobacco to achieve a desired final product. Before Chef Daniel passed away unexpectedly, his descriptions of the steps...
  3. Carlos

    Spectre Cigars with Latakia

    I grabbed some of those Mark Ryan 1881 Perique cigars at Chicago in 2015. Was a really great smoke. As a bonus, Mark stopped in at the old owners loggings being used as a smoking room and chatted all evening with a bunch of us. I smoked those cigars down to the point where I had to stuff the...
  4. Carlos

    Secret Santa 2020 - BOB's Thirteeth

    Santa hit me in waves. Looks like the Peterson Christmas pipes were popular this year. I hope everyone had a safe holiday celebration.
  5. Carlos

    Secret Santa 2020 - BOB's Thirteeth

    Way to go Santa's! Lot's of interesting choices there!
  6. Carlos

    Secret Santa 2020 - BOB's Thirteeth

    Woohoo! Way to go Santa! I met David Huber at the Chicago pipe making class. He and his girlfriend. If my memory is accurate. They were so young and ambitious. David was very talented. He could see these shapes well. I love the contrast in the stain.
  7. Carlos

    Secret Santa 2020 - BOB's Thirteeth

    Woohoo! Way to go Santa! Be sure to give us a report on those tobaccos. Both unfamiliar to me.
  8. Carlos

    Not hiding

    Welcome! Many of us are the same people across multiple forums. Just a different mix of friends, not actual competition between the forums.
  9. Carlos

    Why Is Membership Small and Participation So Light?

    On Duck Duck Go it is the 9th listing on the first page for me. Those above us are new(ish), multiple listings, or also running newer software than I recall the last time I visited. We have the largest number of members of those listed. That is probably because of the smooth change made from...
  10. Carlos

    Secret Santa 2020 - BOB's Thirteeth

    Sometime this week I will try to put together what Santa has dropped off here at the homestead. I may wait until the big day. I have had a ton of projects that need my attention. And still do. The opportunity to complete some tasks presents itself this week. Then maybe I can relax a bit and...
  11. Carlos

    Why Is Membership Small and Participation So Light?

    Nothing is done to keep it small. There is no reason it should not grow. There is a place (sub-forum) for everyone and if needed we can create more. The basic rules are quite modest. And, it's not the wild west. There was a problem with the former web service that would sometimes not allow...
  12. Carlos

    Taming run-away briars...

    I thought everyone just stuck them in their shirt pocket.
  13. Carlos

    help identifying pipe maker, please

    Depends upon how you view it. To me that is the Hungarian flag. It looks longer in one direction than the other. If it's actually square, well, maybe it could be Italian. None of that tells you who the maker is.
  14. Carlos

    Aladino Cigars

    There is no harm in posting that "I just got an email, So and So has got a deal on Perdomo Reserve series, figardo's only, $50 bucks off a box." Then let the readers do the leg work. Sometimes links are appropriate. Just not a copy/paste of the sale page and nothing else. It's gone from a...
  15. Carlos

    Aladino Cigars

    Copy pasting the web page isn't a heads up. It is a form of spam on forums. We have a vendor forum for vendors to post in a manner that helps them. Mentioning a sale at a vendor usually isn't taken to be spam. Normally it is done in your own words. That's not splitting hairs. Please, do...
  16. Carlos

    Aladino Cigars

    Keep the vendor ads out of the general forums please. Vendors have their own forum and can toot their own horn if necessary.
  17. Carlos

    Secret Santa 2020 - BOB's Thirteeth

    Wow! Nice glass! SS is slowing starting to sneak up on us. Ho Ho Ho!
  18. Carlos

    Our 40th Anniversary - breakfast order...

    Happy anniversary!
  19. Carlos

    Secret Santa 2020 - BOB's Thirteeth

    Woohoo!! Some real nice pipes and tobaccos there. I suspect this is just the tip of the iceberg.
  20. Carlos

    Hey, what happened...

    Automotive section? I do not recall it. Must be like peoples names. I could not be a used car salesman. Got a thread in mind that I can search for? See if it got combined.