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  1. Corncobcon

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    G&H Kendal Black Cherry in a MM Missouri Pride cob.
  2. Corncobcon

    What A Day!

    I feel your pain, man. Literally. Back pain almost every day. Drugs and alcohol help!!! What frustrates me the most is trying to do something I used to do and now can't. Yesterday was a good day so I decided to take the Polaris and go down to my woodpile and load up the Polaris with some...
  3. Corncobcon


    Yes, I have some Chatham Manor. Not quite the same, but good in a pinch. I might have to take a drive about 30 miles from here to see if the local liquor store/ tobacco shop has the large containers in stock. If not, I might have to pick up a couple of small packages, or some boubon! This...
  4. Corncobcon


    I can't find Carter Hall tubs in stock. I'm almost out, now what do I do?
  5. Corncobcon

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    ODF in a Cobbler cob.
  6. Corncobcon

    Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky's Availability?

    I have two tins layed back, so I need not to worry about it. Although, my jar is getting low!
  7. Corncobcon

    Your Special Hunting & Fishing Trip Photos

    So funny! I almost spilled my coffee!
  8. Corncobcon

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Carter Hall in a Royal Guard bent pot. Tastes like crap, must be the pipe.
  9. Corncobcon

    Ya ever have one of those days?

    Boy am I bummed out today. It's cold outside, can't wait until summer. It's cloudy now. I pulled out the vacuum to do some cleaning and just left it sitting in the hallway, screw it. Sat down to watch tv. Nothing good on for me. Now I'm on the laptop, answering a couple of PM's I got. I'm...
  10. Corncobcon

    It's been a minute

    Hi Arky, look for a pm from me.
  11. Corncobcon

    Howdy from the Great Basin and Ranges of Nevada.

    Welcome, Gusto. Yeah, let us know what type of tobaccos you like.
  12. Corncobcon

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    C&D Five O'clock Shadow in a Weber Shellbrooke slightly bent tomato. Washing it all down with a mug of coffee.
  13. Corncobcon

    A tragic loss

    I learned that on New Year's Eve a friend, neighbor and his partner in life were killed on I-10 in Texas. A semi lost control and crossed the median, slamming head-on into their motor home. Steve and Sherri owned a home in our association along with a home in Las Vegas. They would split...
  14. Corncobcon

    What are your Pipe and Tobacco plans for 2021

    Congrats to all the new retirees. Make the best of it.
  15. Corncobcon

    New Year's Toast

    Wishing everyone here a safe and healthy new year.
  16. Corncobcon

    Good Tidings and Good Health To All

    Happy new year everyone.
  17. Corncobcon

    BoB Annual "outta yer Gourd" Day?

    Smoking inns of court. I am having problems getting my pictures from my phone to my laptop. I think I finally got it!
  18. Corncobcon

    BoB Annual "outta yer Gourd" Day?

    Smoking my calabash with Inns Of Court tobacco.
  19. Corncobcon

    First smoke of the new year

    What is your first smoke of the new year? I'm smoking my calabash with Inns of Court tobacco. Next up today will be my Gefapip pot with some Carter Hall.
  20. Corncobcon

    Corn Cob Pipes

    Yes, cobs are great smokers. This year I want to visit MM. It's not all that far from me. Heck, if I can make it 3 1/2 hours to Topeka, KS., I can surely make it to Washington, MO. and smoke a cob or two along the way!