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  1. bucnak

    What type of razor do you use?

    Hello All I use a Merkur HD razors, have 2 and love them, just went from Merkur Blades to Feather to try out.
  2. bucnak

    Hello From Mass.

    Hey Bruce, good to see you over here as well, I haven't looked here in almost a month, but Welcome friend.
  3. bucnak

    Greetings All...

    Welcome Ian, glad to have you. John
  4. bucnak

    Greetings From The UK

    Hey Peter, nice to see you here, I'm a newbie myself, as mentioned it is another place to visit. See you around and welcome.
  5. bucnak

    Nothing really different....but good.

    Hi Bob, good to see you here as well.
  6. bucnak

    Hello from New Jersey

    Hey Guy's, thanks again for the warm welcome, most appreciated.
  7. bucnak

    Hello from New Jersey

    Hi all, Nice to see some other smokers from another site I frequent. This site seems equally nice, and on topicallity. I look forward to participating and reading all the posts that are associated with the hobby. Happy New Year, and happy puffing. John