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  1. eggman

    Happy Birthday IHT

    happy birthday
  2. eggman

    My Zippos

    My go-to pipeweed ignition system is a Zippo. I have carried one since I was a teen. If I see one at a yard sale, tag sale, or auction, I'll pick it up if it's not too expensive. So in the last bombing run, I send the victim a brushed antique silver Zippo. I thought it was the best-looking...
  3. eggman

    The first bowl of royal yacht.

    I received a tin of royal yacht last January in the bombing run. Then I picked up another tin in December. I've heard for years it was a love it or hate it blend. A dead mouse in a can is how a friend here described it to me. So I was hesitant ever to get any.  I popped open a tin a little bit...
  4. eggman

    Pilot Vanishing Point part deux

    Last May or June, I picked up a pilot VP with a medium nib. The more I used the pen, the more I liked the click mechanism and retractable nib. It has been my #1 pen to carry every day except to work. But over the last several months, it has gotten very scratchy and draggy feeling when writing...
  5. eggman

    Arkansas pen show

    The Arkansas Pen Show will be on March 13-15 this year in Little Rock. I'm taking that Friday off to make the 4-hour trip. I'm curious if anyone else is thinking about going? Anyone else in the area to possibly hang with and share a bowl? Does anyone of any tobacco shops in the area? My wife...
  6. eggman

    Been at least 3 days has it been nice for you lol

    I bet it’s been almost nice around here with me being under the weather the last 3 or so days. Especially commenting all kinds of stupid stuff after I’ve a couple adult beverages :lol!: . I bet my insides are in shock since tea, water and sprite/7up is all I e drank si ce Friday. Makeup day is...
  7. eggman

    ODF is awesome

    After reading a thread a couple weeks ago about ODF, I figured I should give it a go. I ordered 8 ozs since it was on sale and I’m glad I did. The aroma from the bag is awesome. For last week and a half that’s just about all I’ve smoked with the exception of a bowl of erinmore. Now I understand...
  8. eggman

    Duke cannon soap

    I purchased a bar of Duke cannon leaf and leather soap several months ago. It is a big bar of soap. It smells great. I thought it smelled more leathery than tobacco leaf. My wife loved the smell and actually used it too. She said it didn’t leave a dry soapy feel like some bar soaps do. But I’ll...
  9. eggman

    Pipe shops in Chattanooga TN

    I am going to be in the Chattanooga area next weekend. We’ve had it planned for a couple months now. So I was wondering if anyone knows of any good pipe shops in that area? I’ve seen some online but seeing if anyone here recommends one over the other?
  10. eggman

    Books or audiobooks that you just didn’t get into

    I thought I’d start a thread about books or audiobooks that you just couldn’t get into no matter how bad you really wanted to like them. I’ll start off with my recent audiobook I really tried to like. Bram Stokers Dracula. I listened to it for several hours and the more I listened to it the...
  11. eggman

    GBD pipe

    After seeing a post a week or so ago about a GBD pipe with a Perspex stem. I really liked it the look of it and have been on the lookout for one. So the other day I found one online and pulled the trigger on it. It came in today so I haven’t had the opportunity to fill the bowl yet, but...
  12. eggman

    I guess l lied

    I was going through my small pile of older pens and found this. It’s a old Parker Duofold. It has a Parker arrow nib. This one will probably be the first one I try to replace the sac on first. I bet it’s a lot simpler to repair than the snorkel I have.
  13. eggman

    Somebody got me today

    “Now that 450 is an awesome writing pen. My wife tried it and absolutely loves it. She said she wished it had a black in it because she would like to borrow it. That’s the reason I inked it up with robert oyster fire and ice.” Wow!  Be careful what you disclose. lol This is part of a post...
  14. eggman

    Pen wash

    I’ve watch some Goulet utube vids and they’ve talked it. But where do you guys get yours? A certain brand you like better than others? Or anything else we should know about the stuff before someone jumps in and buys a couple gallons of the stuff? Should or can I use it to clean the block on my...
  15. eggman

    Esterbrook pens ever had one?

    I have been looking at esterbrook pens for a little while. I have a older one but it doesn’t write the bladder is hard as a rock. But I really like the look of it. I like the looks of the new ones too. Plus the price of them are not too bad ranging from 65-200. I’m more in the 65 range myself...
  16. eggman

    What’s the hardest and easiest pens you’ve cleaned

    I was sitting here yesterday morning and noticed that I had 5 pens that needed to be cleaned out. 1. Conklin duragraph 2. Pilot metropolitan med. nib 3. Pilot metropolitan fine nib 4. Lamy Safari 5. Shaffer’s snorkel 14kt fine nib 1950’s era I believe The Shaffer only holds enough ink to...
  17. eggman

    New t-shirt I ordered last night

    This is the back of a t-shirt I ordered last night. It’s from Shiti coolers. The characters name is earl the squirrel. He’s drinking a beer, wearing sunglasses and smoking a pipe. How in the world could it get any better?
  18. eggman

    Awesome package in the mail today.

    I got an email this morning from the USPS informed delivery. It said I had a package coming from Spring Hill, FL. I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what I ordered. I use ambien and night to help me sleep. Some of the side effects of this medication is sleepwalking and ordering...
  19. eggman

    Differences between you and your spouses book selections

    Just wondering if any of the bo s here have the same interests in books as their wife’s, roommates, soulmates significant others or whom ever you occupy the same living quarters with? I really like Hemingway novels, short stories and his personal letters. My wife does not care for his works...
  20. eggman

    Lonesome Llama

    I was gifted a generous portion of this blend durning the January bombing run. I won’t reveal the bob’s name that bombed me with it. Has anyone else sampled this blend? I maybe wrong but I believe it’s a homemade blend. This tobacco is awesome. To me it’s a straightforward non cased/topped...