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  1. luckydogguy

    Question about your Pipes in light of another thread...

    ... the Thread is "Cigar Ratings." Just got me wondering if any pipe smokers have a pipe (pipes) that they purchased just because it's a Dunhill or another big name pipe? Are there pipes out there that cost less then a Dunhill and smoke just as good or even better? :scratch: I also...
  2. luckydogguy

    Different types of wood...

    What are some other types of wood that can be used in making pipes? I have seen Olive wood and Rosewood. Are these good woods? What are they good for? Thanks, Lucky
  3. luckydogguy

    New Pipe for me .. Radice Clear "F"

    I just won a beautiful pipe for $80. I cwas wondering if you guys have any feedback on these pipes? I think I got a really good deal. Right? I just got it noday and cleaned it out and sanitized it. I think I will smoke my first bowl tonight in it! :cheers: Lucky
  4. luckydogguy

    G.L. Pease 's Maltese Falcon and ROBUSTO?

    Any feedback on these blends? Being a cigar smoker, I'm wondering what you guys think of the ROBUSTO. I haven't tried it yet but I considering gettin' some. The Maltese Falcon looks preety good also. Thanks, Lucky
  5. luckydogguy

    A Noobie's Cellar

    This should get some laugh. Remember I'm new! :oops: G.L Pease- Barbary Coast 2oz. McClelland Black Wood s Flake 2 oz. McClelland St. James Woods 2 oz. Full Virginia Flake 2 oz. Haunted Book Shop 1 oz. Now for the good stuff: Tobacco Galleria- Montego Bay, Night CAp, Blue Note and Midnight...
  6. luckydogguy


    What do you guys think of these high end smokers? (Ex. Dunhill, Castello, Ser Jac, Il Ceppo, Ardor, Ascorti, etc..) Are they worth the money? Do they smoke better or are you just paying for the name and looks? I'm interested in picking up a high end pipe. But, I find that Dunhills are more (on...
  7. luckydogguy

    Amazingly moving Video of His love for us!

    I get teary eyed every time I watch this! God is good! :cheers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyheJ480LYA Enjoy, Lucky
  8. luckydogguy

    Pipe waxing?

    What type of wax should I have to wax my pipes? Would anything with Carnuba work? Do I need a buffing wheel? How about reconditioning a stem? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Lucky
  9. luckydogguy

    Just Won a Charatan Belvedere on Ebay...a little HELP please

    It says that it is an older pipe. I can't semm to find anything on it yet. I was wondering if any of you could help me. It says it has a stamp of a "4" on the shank and an "S" on the bottom of the bowl. It's a straight billiard. I won it for $30. I figured I couldn't go wrong at that price...
  10. luckydogguy

    What Blends should I start with? HELP!

    As a newbie, I don't really know which tabacco blends to start trying. I don't feel like trying something that is cheap and I don't like, maily because I'm afraid it would turn me off to smoking pipes before I ever gave it a fair chance. That being said, can you guys please give my some...
  11. luckydogguy

    My Peterson GURGLES... HELP!

    I have a Peterson Killarney 80s that tends to gurgles about half way through the bowl. :( Is this because of the pipe or myself or the tabacco? I only smoke virginia blends in it. Can the problem be fixed if it is the pipe? Thanks , Lucky
  12. luckydogguy

    What is the MOST important thing...

    ...that a good pipe MUST have? Please, understand that I no clue about pipes. I have the following pipes: Stanwell Vario Peterson Killarney Any good? What makes a pipe good? How much do you have to pay for a good one? Are Dunhills worth the price? Thanks, Lucky
  13. luckydogguy

    Welcome me, I'm finally here!

    Hello to all. I am a new pipe smoker but have smoked cigars for years. From what I hear, anyone can smoke a cigar but only a gentleman can smoke a pipe. And so, I'm here to learn how to become a gentleman and I look foward to all your feedback and suggestions. See you around, Lucky