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  1. Falcon Puffer

    What's Your Favorite Peterson (or Any Other) Shape?

    Having received a 221 shape recently, and having also the B10 (Calabash), the 03 and the x220, I do admit I have developed a very soft spot for the 221. In an image: I find this shape extremely well proportioned. Being a Group 4, the size is ideal for me. Its lines make it just so, in a word...
  2. Falcon Puffer

    Peterson St Patrick's Day 2018

    Anyone tried this Limited Edition yet? The tin art is really classy looking, I find! There's only 1 review of it on TR; and the gentleman compares it to the 2015 edition. If anyone tried it, please come forward and share your impressions of it. :D
  3. Falcon Puffer

    Peterson Wild Atlantic

    I bought this tobacco out of curiosity in one of the local B & M in the area where I live. The description is Virginias, Orientals and some Latakia. Actually, when opened, it has a fair proportion of the latter. The tobacco is spicy and smoky to the nose. When smoked, it also has a distinctive...
  4. Falcon Puffer


    Hey, gang! How's it going? As my username suggests I'm a big fan of Falcon pipes. I do have a few briars besides that but I don't really smoke them on a regular basis; just occasionnally. I've been smoking pipes for quite a while now and have a preference for tobaccos such as University Flake...