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  1. wij

    Happy birthday Navyflake!

    Happy Birthday Frank! Are you now in the sunshine state?
  2. wij

    Pipe-Shape Matters???

    Really good information here. I'm still a new and learning pipe smoker but it seems that I'm getting my best smokes from the 3 bulldogs in my rotation. It could be that a bulldog is easy to fill properly for a newbie.
  3. wij

    Hi There from MD

    Welcome and well stated. I think the same has drawn me to pipes.
  4. wij

    Layer cake

    Welcome and a very interesting way to enjoy a bowl.
  5. wij

    Jim's Latest Wilke Reviews.

    Really great write-ups. Being so new to the pipe world there are so many tobacco's to try and so few smoking hours in the day.
  6. wij

    What's the best way to pack and puff a shallow pot

    I know this is an old thread but it really brings back memories for me. My widower neighbor growing up was a cigar guy who I can never remember him actually lighting a cigar. He would chew them all day long. He taught by example how to be a respectful and stoic gentleman that always had time...
  7. wij

    First attempt at stoving Va

    This is very interesting to me especially since I'm new to pipe tobacco. Could this be the start of the next McClellends company?
  8. wij

    The generosity of Navy Flake

    I am so blown away with the generosity and thoughtfulness of Navy Flake.  He has been helpful to me as I'm learning about pipes and tobacco.  So he really went out of his way to send me some very hard to find tobaccos so that I could try them before I dropped a wad of cash buying some.  As a my...
  9. wij

    McClelland Going Out of Business

    I was just in McCranie's a week ago to pickup any McClellands they might have left and buy some more "First Light" which is 5100 Red Cake. They were completely sold out and that included all their store blends that were made by McClellands. They bought the last 60lbs of 5100 and when it got...
  10. wij


    I definitely exhale some bit of smoke through my nose. In my opinion, you don't really get the subtle tastes of the blend without that.
  11. wij

    What's your fave finish? Smooth or Blasted?

    For me this a Ginger/Mary Ann type question. I love looking at beautiful smooth birds eye grain (Ginger) but I want to hold in my hand the Blasts (Mary Ann).
  12. wij

    Hello From Mississippi

    You have a very eclectic set of experiences and interests. Welcome to BoB.
  13. wij

    Snooty Tobacconists and Exploring a New Hobby

    Welcome for another BoB newbie. It’s beyond me why any businessman would decline a sale well unless it was a bottle of bourbon and a new car to a 16 yo
  14. wij

    Best butane?

    I’ve used Lava and Xikar in my lighters for a long time without issue. I also use Dunhill butane in my Rollagas
  15. wij

    Muttnchop piper - youtube

    As one branch to my pipe education, I have found him on youtube and I think he comes across as very genuine and informative.
  16. wij

    Bic to light your pipe?

    +1 for the Kirbi Kabuto. I've used a bic lighter which was fine but I like the angled flame better.
  17. wij

    What are you smoking?

    I'm enjoying GL Pease Odyssey in my Barling bent bulldog.
  18. wij

    Picking a Pipe Shape

    Oddly it was waiting for me when I got home and of course I'm smoking it now with some Golden Cavendish that NavyFlake gifted me. So far it's the best smoking pipe I have in my modest collection. It's a two dot instead of a four dot but its beautiful and is smoking great. I'll post a pic when...
  19. wij

    Hello From Central Indiana!!!

    Welcome and I'm new here also. The guys are great here and very welcoming and knowledgeable.
  20. wij

    Hello from the Carolinas

    Work in Charlotte and live in Rock Hill.