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  1. Blackhorse

    One reason I love Summer

    Our house furnace and hot water are both natural gas. I just sent my wife the following email… “OK...I'm sick & tired of these huge utility bills! I just had to go online and cover a whopping $22 NW Natural Gas bill. Let's please try to get control over our wanton use of hot water. Dirty is...
  2. Blackhorse

    Double Down Lumps

    Ordered a 15 lb bag of Royal Oak lump charcoal from the Big A about two weeks ago…delivery was out there a bit. Then it just showed up. OK. Whatever. But the Big A tracking thing on the order showed it as still in transit. Subsequent checks showed the same status over a number of days...
  3. Blackhorse

    Oh oh! The wiseguy strikes again!

    Just got a fresh tin of Cornell & Diehl Anthology 1992-2022 in the mail. It has ghosted DLR fingerprints & DNA all over it. Many thanks brother. This is a fine choice and I absolutely appreciate your generosity.
  4. Blackhorse

    Redbreast 12 y.o. Irish Whiskey

    Just bought a bottle of the basic 12 y.o. Redbreast. Pot Still method. The most I’ve ever paid for a bottle of anything.
  5. Blackhorse

    New Grill!

    Went out to clean up the old 22” Weber a while back…getting ready to do my Father’s Day ribs. Mmmm…mmmmm! So I pop the lid and discovered that all that was holding the old gal together was hope. So I ordered a new one but dropped down a size to 18” since it’s just the two if us here now…most...
  6. Blackhorse


    I got an email notice this morning that scared me. It was a notice that we needed to pay on our account at "Hospice in the Pines". Wait...WHAT? For a moment I thought SWMBO might have some clandestine plans for me...then remembered I was sorting through my Junk Mail Inbox. Whew!
  7. Blackhorse

    Any WORDLE fans here?

    My wife and adult daughter got me started and now It’s very addictive, easy and fun. 1. On your screen you have five spaces for letters. 2. Enter whatever letters that make a word that you want. 3. Letters that are correct AND in the right position are turned green. 4. Letters that are correct...
  8. Blackhorse

    Independence Day Cheers

    HipHip Hooooray! HipHip Hoooooray! HipHip Hooooray!!
  9. Blackhorse

    Red Breasted Woodpecker attacks my Birch

    Aaarrrrgggghhhhhh! I love the little present day feathered dinosaurs. Normally they’re great partners…responsible for keeping insect populations in check. But a have one now trying to keep my pet White Paperbark Birch volunteer in check. And it could kill it! Note the pattern of drill...
  10. Blackhorse

    You Thought I Was Kidding?

    Fried RAT in simple recipe with Mango Sauce! OMG!!!
  11. Blackhorse

    Incredible Yellowstone

    My wife is, right now, on a great road trip with our two adult children (from Portland, Oregon) to Yellowstone National Park. It’s to be a week long event. Overall it’ll be over 1,700 miles. They’re “glamping” in a 3 bedroom condo just outside the Park’s West entrance and do day trips from...
  12. Blackhorse

    Bratwurst with Tony Chachere Creole Seasoning

    This is super super easy and very tasty. Took a couple of Johnsonville Original Brats and cut ‘em into one inch chunks. Fried / sautéed in Avocado oil til browned nicely. Add some good shakes of Tony Chachere Original Seasoning. Be careful though. The seasoning is VERY salty. Let the...
  13. Blackhorse

    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

    Not a Trekie at all, but I DID grow up with the show. The original series was one that we ALWAYS made it a point to see. And since there was no video recording back than, if you missed it…it was GONE. Be that as it may…watching S1 E2 of the latest Paramount show and I’m liking it quite a bit...
  14. Blackhorse

    Leg of Lamb?

    Anybody doing a Leg of Lamb for Easter dinner? With mint jelly? And whole garlic cloves stuck into it before roasting? And scalloped Russet potatoes? And creamed asparagus? Sigh. My wife used to raise baby lambs and won’t allow one to be eaten here. 🙄. But I can dream! And…What wine...
  15. Blackhorse

    3M 3000 grit Trizact foam paper as a knife strop

    Saw a thing on YouTube touting 3M 3000 grit foam backed TRIZACT abrasive sheets as a strop for knife blades. I ordered a sheet ($9) from Amazon cause with the foam backing it should make an ideal strop for convex ground blades. One if the reviews on A also claimed to use it with great success...
  16. Blackhorse

    McDonald’s infamous Szechuan sauce!

    Out briefly as a McNugget sauce to hype Disney’s Mulan movie, it was wildly popular, gained a cult following and was all too soon discontinued. Enter the cries, the wailing and gnashing of teeth. Then ultimately back to a once bright world now made bleak and hopeless. Alas. But then a ray of...
  17. Blackhorse

    Couldn’t be more different.

    Just picked up three new knives. They very, very highly regarded but totally different in form and intended use. The first is a CRKT CEO Blackout. It’s a wee little bairn of a blade, fit for the office, literally sits on the palm of your hand. There are two versions with the newer being a...
  18. Blackhorse

    The Soul of Osaka Udon

    Wife and daughter out for a movie and lunch. Got the kitchen and dishes all done…cooktop gleaming perfectly…black sink and scrubbed and pristine. Now I’m sitting cause I damn near jacked my back out earlier and I have to be really careful. So I started watching YouTube on TV. One thing feeds...
  19. Blackhorse

    Ice T Mugged in New Jersey

    Oh yeah Baby. Apparently no one is safe from being mugged at a gas station.
  20. Blackhorse

    Anybody planning a Spring or Summer fun trip yet?

    Spring Break? Summer Vacation? My wife and two adult kids are going on a Great Road Trip. They’re doing a road trip to and through Yellowstone. They even have reservations to stay in a couple historic lodges in the Park. She made the reservations months ago and barely got in cause they were...