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  1. pipemaker

    Determine the Tobacco Volume for Virtually any Pipe

    Credit goes to Fr_Tom for the concept and for laying the groundwork of this post. A simple, easy to use chart for determining the volume of the tobacco chamber of a pipe, new or used, with or without cake. All you need is the diameter of the hole at the top and the height (depth) of the...
  2. pipemaker

    Help with Kirstens

    I am trying to get a handle on the tobacco chamber dimensions of the various bowl sizes of Kirsten pipes. I would greatly appreciate if any of our Kirsten owners could measure the depth of the chamber along with the inside diameter at the top of the bowl, and post them here or send me a P.M...
  3. pipemaker

    Do you remember your first pipe tobacco?

    Mine was Model, simply because "Grandpa" next door smoked it and the aroma was wonderful. 17cents a pouch back then. What a disappointment, it tasted bitter, and smelled nothing at all like "grandpa,s". Second attempt was with the old Douwe Egberts Amphora and I fell in love with the pipe Mike B
  4. pipemaker

    A Pound of Tobacco ?

    Having way too much time on my hands this week, I thought I would see how much tobacco there is in a one pound bag. I sampled 5 different quality bulk blends right out of the bag. After weighing out exactly 16 oz of each, I let them air dry for 3 days until they were at an acceptable moisture...
  5. pipemaker

    Yahoo Web Hosting?

    Has anyone here had any experience with Yahoo web hosting? It appears to be simple, intuitive and easy to edit. Thanks, Mike
  6. pipemaker


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  7. pipemaker

    Help Identifing a Tobacco

    Can anyone help me to identify the maker and approximate age of this tobacco? There are no markings on the sides of the tin and the lack of tobacco warning stickers makes me think this has some age to it. Thanks, Mike B.
  8. pipemaker

    Maryland and Carolina Blending Tobacco

    I have often seen these two recommended to tone down a blend that is either too strong or too aromatic. Has anyone had any first hand experience with either of these? Thanks, Mike B.
  9. pipemaker

    Pipe Shape v.s. Smokeability

    I realize that there are few absolutes regarding pipes, but I was wondering if any of you feel that certain pipe shapes generally tend to smoke better than others? From my own observations, the Calabash shape, Dublins, Bulldogs, and Oom Pauls tend to produce the best smoking qualities that any...
  10. pipemaker

    The Secret to Longevity

    Jeanne Calment, the french woman who lived to 122, the oldest age verified in modern records, enjoyed a glass of port a day, two pounds of chocolate a week, and smoked to the age of 117. From Associated Press Speculation is that the increase in the French tobacco tax is what finally caused her...
  11. pipemaker

    Glad I smoke a pipe

    My dog has been in quite a bit of pain recently so I took her into the vet today. They found a piece of wire imbedded in her stomach lining and are doing surgery first thing in the morning. It's going to be a long sleepless night and I sure glad I have my pipes to ease the wait. Mike B.
  12. pipemaker

    Lame Excuse

    Today our dumb ass governor signed a bill increasing the tax on a pack of cigarettess by 75 cents. Haven't heard if he increased the tax on pipe tobacco and cigars. He stated that this will reduce the number of teenagers who buy cigarettes. He forgot to mention that State law forbids the sale...
  13. pipemaker

    Happy Thanksgiving

    I wish everyone a happy, safe and smoke filled day. Count your blessings. Mike
  14. pipemaker

    Ban the Smoking Ban

    Wisconsin is currently debating a statewide smoking ban and surprising, the proposals have met with quite a bit of resistance. We have a chance to voice our opposition and get involved. Here is a link to where you send a petition and let your opinion be heard...
  15. pipemaker

    Can this be right?

    From the 1988 paper titled "Characteristics of Briarwood". published by the Greek Department of Forestry and Natural Environment "Note should be made that in actual smoking a tobacco pipe, the temperature inside the bowl was measured to rise to 615 degrees centigrade" That is over 1100...
  16. pipemaker

    Sticker Shock.

    Walked down the tobacco aisle at our local Walgreens drug store today and saw a 1 1/2 oz pouch of Captain Black selling for $8.29. "Wisconsin" is an old Indian word meaning "Land of high taxes" Mike
  17. pipemaker

    Internal Stem Polishing

    For anyone wondering if internal stem polishing improves the smokeability of a pipe, or if you just want to polish the internals, here is a quick and easy method. Although other methods will give you better results, this will definately shine up the plumbing and smooth out those rough edges...
  18. pipemaker

    Prayers for a Friend

    One of our Brothers, Mike Miller is undergoing surgery this morning. I respectfully request your prayers and thoughts for his successful surgery and speedy recovery. Thank you. Mike
  19. pipemaker

    How To Handle Telemarketers (This is funny)

    Here is a link to one of the best pieces of humor I have seen in a long time. It is an audio file and you have to listen to it to get the full effect. If you have dial up, it will download in segments and take a while, but once downloaded, it...
  20. pipemaker

    My Doctor's Receptionist

    There is nothing worse than a doctor's receptionist who insists you tell her what is wrong in a room full of other patients. When I saw my doctor the other day, the room was full of patients and as I approached the desk, the receptionist said, "Yes sir, what are you seeing the doctor for...