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  1. kaiser83

    Peterson Jekyll and Hyde

    Anyone seen these Peterson Jekyll and Hyde pipes or handled one in person?
  2. kaiser83

    Just a Couple Cobs

    Hadn't smoked in a bit, but felt that urge. Grabbed myself a couple cobs and went to find a new tin of my favorite Frog only to find out they went out of business. The cellar is at home....and I'm a couple thousand miles away so I went to searching for a replacement. Grabbed some SG Squadron...
  3. kaiser83

    Bow Hunters

    How many bow hunters do we have here and what's your hunting setup? Right now I'm using a Hoyt Carbon Spyder FX Just grabbed a Hoyt Nitrum as well. Planning to grab a Hoyt ProDefiant when I go back home again.
  4. kaiser83


    This is just funny The website is for comedy only, it's not factual.,36407/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_campaign=LinkPreview:1:Default
  5. kaiser83

    Eff you Rob...and Kyle....and....well the old crew

    Just some brotherly love and a nice greeting for all the guys on here who used to beat around here with us. Smoke on.
  6. kaiser83

    Great Grandma Passed

    Today my Great Grandmother passed away. She is now in God's hands with her husband, daughter and two sons. One son is left alive as well as lots of grandkids, great grandkids, and 3 great great grandchildren. She was very close to my oldest girl so she's taking it rough. I will be home about a...
  7. kaiser83

    Stupid UPS

    So I have a C&R permit from ATF and do a good deal of buying ammo and firearms for my collection with it. I live in a small town where crime really isn't an issue, heck you can leave your doors unlocked and nobody would bother you. Anyhow, I have been getting annoyed because my purchases need to...
  8. kaiser83

    New Snuff Takers Ephemeris Out

    Volume 8 is out and available for purchase. They have changed quite a bit from issue one. It is now a full-size book and well worth getting the print edition to throw on your shelf. I have enjoyed all of them and expect once this one arrives it will be no exception to that rule. They tend to go...
  9. kaiser83

    New Razors

    The Superior Shave has the scarcer Dovo's back in stock. The Bergischer Lowe and the Mammut. If you get a Bergischer don't get #5, I already sent them an email to reserve that one for me.
  10. kaiser83

    2013 BoB POY

    Details and info on the proposed BoB POY are in the thread below.
  11. kaiser83


    Not sure how many paddlers we have here on BoB, but Floatzilla is the weekend of Aug 17th this year. Basically it's an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most number of paddled craft in the same spot at once. Of course there's more too it than that, but they've been doing it the...
  12. kaiser83

    Happy Birthday Daniel!!

    It's Daniel's birthday, we know him as tNd, or ND Pipes. Anyhow Happy birthday brother.
  13. kaiser83

    Stupid Earthquakes

    I have no clue in heck how you folks who live in California can stomach earthquakes. I experienced my first one today and am happy to just deal with the snow and flooding. Darn thing was only a 5.7 and shook the crud out of the darn Afghani built building I was in...which I rapidly vacated only...
  14. kaiser83


    Welp I have been going down to the Afghani barber about twice a week now for a shave, which only costs $2 but he is ecstatic with $5 and spends a little extra time making sure the shave is perfect. Anyhow it has come time for me to order my own straight razor with all the goodies, and a styptic...
  15. kaiser83

    Man in the Moon

    Decided to draw the man in the moon today, but with a pipe. I didn't think ahead enough to put the P on the stem, but the pipe itself says Peterson on it.
  16. kaiser83

    Happy Birthday SimpleMan

    Happy birthday brother, hope it is a great one for you.
  17. kaiser83

    Happy Easter

    May we all remember the true meaning of Easter this day, and celebrate the holiday with those we love. Happy Easter all.
  18. kaiser83

    Happy Birthday Thistleoak

    Happy Birthday Thistleoak, don't accidentally shoot any leprechauns while you are out hunting buddy.
  19. kaiser83

    Happy Birthday Taharris

    Happy birthday Todd, hope it is a great one and you find your pot of gold today.
  20. kaiser83

    Happy St. Patrick's Day

    Happy St. Paddy's Day Ladies and Leprechauns. My your days be filled with Guinness and Jameson; and may your Peterson pipes never be empty of golden virginia's.