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  1. Kyle Weiss

    T...Tjork...Skol...uh...oh, right: Tordenskjold! (A review)

    Dan Tobacco--not available at my tobacco shop, anyway, nor any I've chanced on in-person in recent memory (which is at times limited and short).   This is the first one I've given a shot to, and unlike reviews of the past, I not only just tried it, the tin was gone inside three weeks. A VaPer...
  2. Kyle Weiss

    Mick McQuaid Cuts Square

    There's tin art that I find cool, and some that creeps me out.   The "Shrewd Judge" looks like the cat who ate the canary and Cornell & Diehl has had countless awkward and fun cartoon-like labels.   Ol' Mick McQuaid on the other hand has a sly, somewhat intoxicated and odd grin that has to go...
  3. Kyle Weiss

    A Tale of Two Foxes

    I think it was Mr. Huggett that sent these to me many moons ago, because he's the only one that I know who used an old plastic punch-letter label maker to label ziplock bags. :lol: James Fox Campanile - I reached for this little sealed jar, packed some time ago to prevent it from succumbing...
  4. Kyle Weiss

    I just tried GL Pease Six Pence

    (...most places it's listed as "Sixpence," but the text is split up on the label, so I'm gonna stick with that...) One thing that's changed with me since I started writing these abominable and lengthy posts about tobacco I've just smoked is I don't like smoking one bowl and trying to decipher...
  5. Kyle Weiss

    (Rock Me) Amadeus Pipes, Of A Sort

    About a year ago, my "have new pipe" needs and abilities got to the point where I was quite comfortable with what I had.   That was until I started rummaging through the just-in basket pipes at $25 a piece at my local Tinder Box.   There were these nearly unmarked, well-made pipes that I found...
  6. Kyle Weiss

    Happy Birthday, Roogles!

    Yer gettin' old, Eli! :D :D :D 8)
  7. Kyle Weiss

    This is why pipe smokers are my kin.

    Too cool. Some of you may want to jump on this, if not for the pipe, because maybe someone helped you out in a time of need once.
  8. Kyle Weiss

    Too Many Cooks

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" loading="lazy" allowfullscreen ></iframe> Sanity was never my style.   8)
  9. Kyle Weiss

    World Series 2014

    KC can play better ball than that. I know they can. I want them to. Good baseball is great for everyone. 8)
  10. Kyle Weiss

    This is what the beginnings of briar burnout looks like.

    I know a while back some people around here, mostly new guys, were concerned about burnouts in their beloved pipes.   Some of the old codgers had never seen such a thing, probably due to experience, or they were full of beans sparing their reputations. I'm here to present this: This is a...
  11. Kyle Weiss

    I'm not back, so shut up.

    So why even bother?   A few reasons. *  I found a beautiful knife Lesath made for me. *  I'm bored. *  I hate you guys. *  I love you guys. *  Some of you aren't worth either.   :heart: Short synopsis of the last year: *  Stuff still sucks, life still sucks, c'est la vie. *  Thank...
  12. Kyle Weiss

    Changes II

    I feel like I've abandoned you guys, and really, I haven't. For a quick update, the work I thought I had with my friend Eric doing computer stuff turned into my first "day" with him, he leaves, and gets in a motorcycle accident and was out for weeks with a concussion. He'll be fine, but I felt...
  13. Kyle Weiss


    It looks like for the foreseeable future, my work/business doing what I do with geology is going in the tank. The politics (local to world), economics and already volatile nature of what I do has added up too fast and too much. Could be a year, could be twenty. Back to the drawing board...
  14. Kyle Weiss

    Begrudgingly, Baseball

    Now, it's the Tigers or nothing. And it's gonna take a miracle for 'em. Otherwise, it's gonna be a doucheball year. That one team in blue from Los Angeles, may their faces be painted with shame and disappointment at the very least. They've earned that much. :heart: 8)
  15. Kyle Weiss

    I just tried C&D Opening Night

    This time of year is the most dynamic of the seasons for my pipe smoking.   Hell, it's this way for tasting in general.   Food and drink included. Something happens with us as the seasons change.   My father, normally a quasi health-nut, starts talking about getting a giant bucket of Kentucky...
  16. Kyle Weiss

    [strike]Leaving[/strike] Left town for a couple of days.

    Sometimes, I think BoB is like  a friendly parole board, expecting me to check in daily and let everyone know things are fine (by rambling as usual).   :lol: They are (as well as they could be, anyway), but I'm disappearing until next Monday.  I'll be fishing and staying in a little...
  17. Kyle Weiss

    GYPSY and Generation Y

    Let's read about my g...g...g...gennnneration!  :cheers:   And there it is.   8)
  18. Kyle Weiss

    Baby Boom BoB

    Anyone else on the fence about havin' (or adopting!) a kid? :lol!: Seems like a population explosion is happening suddenly. Uncle Kyle is too drunk for diaper/bottle duty, but I'll be there to give sage, inebriated advice when they start asking questions. Rather you guys be havin'...
  19. Kyle Weiss

    Changing my tune: crush on a gorgeous lady...

    I was having a cigar at my local Tinder Box, and this gal ran into me.   Pleasant as could be, even if she was out just looking for something to eat.   She didn't seem to mind I didn't have much to give her.  I was in love.  It might have been the large eyes, tanned exterior, plump posterior...
  20. Kyle Weiss

    Wisdom vs. Myth: Keeping Your Pipe Lit

    We've all seen it, heard it, perhaps done it:  a nutty idea that a pipe must be lit at all times to be a "seasoned" or "experienced" pipe smoker.   It probably comes about from tobacco-delivery-systems' cousins, the cigarette and/or the cigar.  They almost never go out, so why not the pipe? A...